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Winter Stillness

Good morning, friends. It’s the time of year to go within, to dive down deeply into the juicy inner space of being that issues forth new creations. Take the time to be in the stillness of this season-no matter what is going on around you! Breathe in the breath of God. Breathe in the goodness that exists within and without. Ask for the Great Presence to deliver a vision that will spark you in ways previously unknown. And then, uphold the vision. Greet it with tenderness. Pour on loving intention to cultivate the gift that has been received. Cast away doubt. Doubt will dampen a vision quicker than spraying water on a fire. Trust that the Divine does know what will be beneficial. Surrender the need to know everything because that desire is impossible. Rather than filling up with nonessentials, empty your mind to make room for the gifts that will most assuredly come your way.

This is our New Year’s wish for each of you!

The Council of Light

© Message mediated by Barbara J. Woolley, 1/4/2023

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