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I, Barbara Wooley, am a white woman who receives guidance and spiritual messages from elders of varying traditions.  The messages come without my having called for them.  The messages are relevant to whatever is occurring at the time.  I in no way represent myself as a woman of color or indigenous origin.  The messages come from the perspective of souls who have lived previously in this physical world, some of whom I have personally known before they died, some of whom I did not know at all but who wish to have their messages relayed through me.  I accept the mysterious nature of this occurrence.  For many years I resisted, but to what end?  I am not responsible for the reactions of those who read or directly receive the messages.  My job is to offer them and then to let go.  Soul-to-soul communication is what is occurring.  I am grateful for the presence of such esteemed spirits in my life.

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