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Well, it’s time to share with all of you again. How do I know this? Squirrel ran around so I could see her this morning. Her behavior was obvious. And then, late morning, guess who else showed up? You know, that magnificent red-headed fluffy downy-chested woodpecker. On the tree right outside my hermitage window. Okay, message that it's time to write has been received! Over and out.


This is a little embarrassing. But I will tell the tale they want me to recount. Blush. Yesterday I went into town to the laundromat. After putting the wash into the tub along with the appropriate amount of environmentally friendly soap, I dropped the coins into the machine, pushed the start button, then sat down to do something inane. Twenty-three minutes later the machine cycle ended. I opened the lid to an empty machine. Oh, for heaven’s sake. I had put the coins into the wrong machine. Which was now a very clean machine. Ugh. I put $2.25 into the correct washing machine, started it and sat down again in amazement at what had just transpired. My friends are laughing. They think this was very funny. I was glad no one else had witnessed my error. But evidently word had traveled to my residential neighborhood so that squirrel and woodpecker could push me to share one more embarrassing moment in a lifetime filled with other such doings.


I had felt off, out of whack most of the day preceding the trip to the laundromat. I may be at times a bit off, but this was astonishing. Full Moon energy? Solar flares? Cosmic downloads? Human stuff? Probably a bit of all of the above, truthfully. It does feel, on any given day, that we are being bounced around, twisted and torqued, then, spun out by life's great washing machine. Nonetheless, the mishap reminded me to get grounded by using the centering tools that have worked over the years. I realized that I had skipped setting up my sacred space (a daily practice) in the busyness of the morning. ALWAYS my day falls into place with the installation of serene, loving, compassionate and positively charged energy that supports greater focus and clarity. As many times as these off-balance moments have happened over the years, I still forget. And then I remember. Glory Hallelujah.


My furry and downy friends are stressing, right now, how important it is to maintain a sanctuary of loving light day and night. We live in riotous, tumultuous, unpredictable times that require focus. Just because our heads are attached to our necks does not mean that we are grounded. Get it? Got it!


If you don’t have a practice to create sacred space, in the near future I will be offering a workshop online that will be helpful. We will do a practice together.


Much Love and Gratitude that we are sharing space and time together!


Barb Woolley

Squirrel and Woodpecker


© Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Mediator, Thursday, January 25, 2024. Please share this post with others in its entirety. Thank you. If you wish to comment, email me at



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