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Just look at the evidence. I never hear anyone moving around my hermitage during the night. But in the morning, the prints are all around that tell me there are bunnies and deer and who knows whom else moving around in the night. I sleep through it all. And yet it all goes on. Looking for the footprints in the snow each morning brings unparalleled joy. I love knowing that my furry friends are alive and well and that some, bunnies I suspect, find haven beneath the hermitage. As you can see, the footprints cascade down under the side of the building. There is comfort in the proof of their presence. Especially in the cold of north central Wisconsin. Yesterday it was -22 F, wind chill not factored in. And yet, these creatures keep going, find warmth where they can and hopefully sufficient food in the expanse of the woods. A bit of a distance away I recently snowshoed into an area that obviously is where the deer bed down for the night. The snow had melted from the warmth of their bodies to expose patches of grass and earth. And there, truth be told, was lots of deer pellet evidence as well! The silence of the nighttime adventuring of my friends in the creature realms led to being appreciative for others who move about in the night: our angels, guides, master teachers and other beings of light, how they silently support us though they don't usually leave footprints in the snow. It's blessings such as these that make life precious for me. May it be so for each of you!

(c) Barbara J. Woolley, Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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