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Good morning!

While awakening I had to look up today’s date. It’s truly astonishing that the end of summer, one which has been a frenzied time on all levels of reality, is near.

Some of you may be aware of how you shift between the dimensions. Doing so can be a bit disconcerting, for, landing back into this physical plane can be rather jarring. We want you to become more comfortable with this process, please! The shifting may take place during meditation, a walk in the woods, a vigorous swim or, frankly, any time at all and especially during the dream time. We are shifting realities. You are preparing your bodies during this transitional time. So, if you have been wondering why you feel strange sometimes, perhaps a bit dizzy, it’s okay. Keep your energy fields clear. Stay strong with your centering practices. Keep your focus on GOD and your feet on the ground. Be thankful for the little gifts that each day offers. Maintain peace in your heart.

For me, the traveling has been horizontal as well as time to engage with the inner realms. This summer has been a big cross-country adventure, some of which I will be sharing in audio and writing on this website. Be on the lookout for the new travel section, titled “Spiritual Explorations”. I am also preparing to launch some online trainings. Really, I am truly excited about these courses and hope that you will be too!

As for private sessions, I am once again available through ZOOM and phone calls. During the first two weeks of October, I will be teaching Connecting with Spirit and offering private sessions at the Jersey shore. If you are interested, email me at

I trust that you will have a non-laborious Labor Day. Celebrate the great effort you have expended through your commitment to honoring and growing the Great Light that you are!

With Love,

Barb Woolley

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