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The Red Bike

The Red Bike


I was reminded when nudged this past weekend to wear earrings purchased several years ago at the Muhammed Ali Center in Louisville, KY. I was dressing in red and black for the University of Louisville Women’s Basketball game. The earrings are white linen with a red bike on each earring.

I have never forgotten the story of the red bike from the life of the young Cassius Clay. Someone had stolen his new bike. Angry, he went to the police with revenge in his heart. An officer encouraged him to start boxing lessons at a boxing gym. This invitation set the unfolding of an enormous soul in motion. By the end of his life, Muhammed Ali was lauded and appreciated as a world ambassador for peace. Larger than life, he was a great presence. I cannot emphasize how important and compelling his life story truly is. His entire life provides remarkable testimony to the path of a soul's transformational emergence.*


We each have such moments that can change the trajectory of our lives. We have the choice to accept the opportunity provided, or not. I grew up knowing from a young age that something would happen but not the timing nor the actual event. I just knew that I would become “unfrozen.” And I did, during a professional continuing educational event. At the time, I did not understand what had happened. It was a profound and mystifying experience that came without conscious bidding. A momentum was set in motion that has continued to this very day. And I am eternally grateful.


Are you ready to accept? Your moment is awaiting you. All you need do is to tell your Divine Self that you are able, willing and ready! And then, without presuming or imprinting a particular unfolding, the Universe will respond. Be open without expectation. Surrender with radical faith and trust. You are heard, cherished and appreciated. Truly.


May the great spirit of LOVE bless us all!


Barb Woolley


*There are many excellent books about Muhammed Ali. The Muhammed Ali Center is located in Louisville, KY, his hometown. I highly recommend a visit

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