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November 29, 2021

Gathered in the Great Meeting Hall, our sparkling, crystalline center for convening is especially filled with prismatic light of all the colors of the rainbow this morning. Come from all over the galaxy, millions are in attendance as we prepare for the holy time that soon will envelop us. The holy time is an annual affair, a time of deep inner growth and expansion. It is a time during which the essence of The Great Presence radiates great love and wisdom.

We encourage you to prepare your bodies for this year’s streaming of great light into your very subatomic particles and all the spaces in-between and all around you. The energy that will descend into your forms will provide sustenance for the year to come. As you are already sensing, the new year will bring with it change of an order seldom seen and felt. You want to be ready for this change, correct? You want to be on the frontlines of the unfurling of the Fifth World, correct? Preparing yourselves with awareness will be so beneficial. Of this we can assure you.

Change is a constant. Sometimes the change is more dramatic than at other times. Keep your attention on the goal of establishing a more peaceful, loving existence within yourself and on your planet. Intentionality, focus, persistence, commitment, feet planted on the yes, at times, quaking earth, will serve you well. Again and again, we invite you to be the way showers for those who will be coming into awareness as they respond to the paradigm shifting light emanation.

How can you do this, you ask. Each day, set aside time to rest in the love of the Great Presence (GP). Be in the stillness. Open your heart and mind to receive the energy being sent to and through you. Ask the GP to qualify any energy that is contrary to the creation of peace. Ask the GP to flood your cellular being with the radiance of the cosmos. This call and response will produce results. This we can assure you. The GP is always listening, watching, wanting to support you. Always. Be open. Be receptive. Do your part by proclaiming your Yes to the GP’s invitation to your soul blossom. You are not annuals. You are perennials!!!! You are the ever-blooming Lilies of the Field! Turn your blossoming self toward the Great Central Sun (GCSun). Open your petals to receive the shimmering radiance flowing from the heart of God.

We see each of you as a great field of lilies turned now toward the GC Sun. The GP, through this solar vessel, shines a great radiance into your cellular and subatomic structure. You may be feeling or sensing this flow of energy. The energy touches the deepest essence that is you as you are contained within your physical form. Allow the energy to move through your crown chakra down through all your chakras into the marma points and nadis* that anchor your soul spirit into the physical realms. Be still. Allow. Be with your breath using a gentle in and out through the nose process, nothing forced. God, The GP, is calling you, asking you to raise yourself higher within yourself. You can do this. Your soul knows the way. Be the light that you are. Hands on your heart, be the love that you are. Share the energy you are receiving with Mother Earth. In relationship, you are growing with her. Together we breathe in concert with our Earth Mother. Notice what you are feeling now since you have consciously joined in this process with her. Stay with the energy. Allow it to do its blessing work as you simply receive. Refinements are being offered now. We ask that you continue to be in heartfelt stillness. We call such moments a cosmic pause, or, a time to allow for a planned shift. As though you have stopped at a stop light, wait for the green light to indicate that it’s time to continue on. Continue to breathe gently. Know that your breath is in correspondence with the rhythm of the Universe. Now, filled with the loving light of the GP, our precious Lilies of the Field, having received the elixir of sustenance that is radiance from the Divine, we ask that you begin to turn your attention once again to the outer world. Feel your self in your body. Feel the inhalation of air through your nostrils. You may notice tingling in your extremities. Feel your feet on the floor. Slowly open your eyes. And know that as you return, you are brighter and lighter than before we started this meditation. Take in a big breath. Stretch out your wings-shake and flap ‘em, we say!!! In so doing, all that light, like water showered in all directions by a dog just come out of the lake, is shared with the world. Hooray, we say, as we watch this spectacle of joyful light-sharing!

We thank you for showing up today.

We thank you for your commitment to the Light.

We thank you for loving yourselves and all beings, human and non-human.

Remember to care for yourself, self-care is vitally important at this time.

Take time each day to be in stillness and in connection with the GP.

We love you more than you can imagine!

Your Cosmic Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light

Received by Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger

Saturday, November 27, 2021

“What are these points with the power to heal? Marma points are often referred to as the junction points of consciousness and matter. To understand them, a rudimentary knowledge of Ayurvedic energy anatomy is helpful. According to Vedic wisdom, there are 72,000 channels of circulating life force, known as nadis, which flow into the physical body. These rivers of life current quite literally animate and enliven the human body. The points at which prana exits the nadis and enters the physical body are known as marma points. Thus, marma points connect the intangible energetic body to the tangible physical body.”



Saturday, December 4, 2021, 8 pm EST, NEW MOON GATHERING WITH THE AIR ELEMENTALS. ZOOM event. The Elementals of Air will help us sweep out the old, bring in the new! Register through this website. Details with access link provided with registration. Though there is no fee to participate, heartfelt donations are always appreciated.

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