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The Temple of Peace

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

For some of you, it is the time of the cicadas, those humming wonders of nature. They take over the neighborhood for their brief time of emergence into the upper world. Below ground, they serve, while maturing, as purveyors of the holy creation’s ability to express itself while nesting in the bosom of Mother Earth and her hearty deciduous trees. While cicadas evoke fear in those who are afraid of what they do not understand nor embrace, they also evoke wonder in the human beings who are aligned with nature’s mysterious ways.

It is of alignment with Nature that we wish to speak and involve you, today. We beseech you to embrace Mother Earth and her world of nature with more gusto. She is experiencing imbalances, some of which are natural in the overall scheme of evolutionary progress, but some of which are wrought by humanity’s failure to understand that, in truth, we are aspects of the one living organism that is life in its totality.

Today, we request that you rededicate yourselves to acknowledging the Devas of Healing and the Elementals of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Space and Ether, and to, during quiet time, ask for input from these essential planetary servants as to how you can best assist during this time of great change.

They are, we remind you, waiting for you to show up! We are a collective team that has come together-again-for the advancement of Planet Earth and the human species. What we do, how we think, what we say, what actions we take all matter. Even though our friends, the Devas and Elementals seem to be, for most, immaterial, they are not. We can assure you that their presence is necessary and palpable! Nothing happens in Creation without them!

Let’s come together in a grand circle within the Great Temple of Peace. This is a splendid, multidimensional, 12-sided, multi-hued violet flame infused pyramid. Get yourself settled into a comfortable position. Breathe out the stresses and mundane thoughtforms and emotions that have preceded this moment in this day. Breathe in the energy of peaceful love, a rosy-violet, melodically combination of energy. Fill your heart with this energy as you imbibe five breaths to represent the 5th World of Peace and Unity that we are co-creating. Hold the energy in your heart for the count of five, then, exhale on the count of five into your subtle bodies. You will notice that your sensory mechanisms begin to calm and that your mind, ever so busy, grows quieter. You may feel, as you continue this practice, that your crown chakra lights up in response. If you don’t feel the energy, please be unconcerned. It’s happening whether or not you notice anything. Let us sync our breathing as we sit in this large circle together. Focus your attention on the Devas and the Elementals. Send love to them from your heart, your calming breath, and your intention to assist in ways that would be helpful and practical. Your intention is what matters! Our friends in the subtle realms are utilizing your contribution to transmute the disturbances in the overall field of Mother Earth.

Keep your heart open. Continue with the breathwork. Radiate loving gratitude to our other-dimensional support team. The energy is attracting the creature beings. The trees are noticing and joining in with their amazing love-heart energy; they help to anchor our collaborative efforts by sharing through their root systems which reach deeply into Mother Earth’s interior. The mineral realms are also lighting up! You may become aware that your breathing has deepened. This response is in direct correlation to Mother Earth’s response.

Now, as we continue to breathe into Earth, let’s include the Water elementals. You may notice a swishy, fluid sensation-or not. Send love into all the planetary waters, seen and known, not seen and not known. Your efforts all go for good! The next element to include is that of Air. Breathing love to the elementals of Air, visualize the air realm being cleansed and upgraded as it is purified. The Fire elementals have been working overtime this past year.

Know in your heart that this session is helpful for fire through the balancing of earth, water and air. Send a calm vibration to Fire now. Fire is in direct relationship with the three aforementioned elements. You, through imagery, can understand that this is so. Rain quenches fire that has been fueled by earth’s material substance and the revving up provided by the movement of air. What is without is within. Think about the ancient systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine which recognize health as being when the elements are balanced and unstable health as the result of elemental imbalances. Moving on to the element of Space, know that there is always room within and all around any seemingly solid creation. Space is important for the movement of energy that stimulates change. There must be room enough for things to shift. The final element is that of Ether, or, the Spirit of Creation that resides within every single subatomic particle and molecule of seen and unseen creations. Ether, the final element, is the life force! It is Source Creation itself! Now, come back to your breath with cycles of 5 inhales, 5 holds, 5 exhales. Nothing more needed.

Your commitment to breathe with the Devas and Elementals is all that is requested for today. Slowly come back into your body. Feel your fingers and toes. Take time to come all the way back in. Allow the transformational energy to settle into your physical body. You are blessed and you are being blessed! When ready, you can depart from the Great Temple of Peace. Re-enter into your home or office or place in Nature. One more delicious breath, please, as you give yourself a gentle pat on the back for showing up today.

We love you dearly!

The Council of Light

p/s Speaking of cicadas, one just flew into my face as it yelled in its strong voice that it was time to move on into the rest of the day! This is the kind of communication we can all have with our friends from other realms and dimensions when we lovingly acknowledge our shared existence and worth.

Mediated by Barbara Woolley, June 11, 2021

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