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One of the reasons why you feel so fatigued is related to the shifting of the worlds. The energy fields have the equivalent of tectonic plates. These plates are in movement such as the plates causing earthquakes and upheaval in Afghanistan. You have asked why the Middle East and Afghanistan are in constant turmoil. Shifting of the plates deep within Mother Earth's crust is part of the problem. Remember the quake you felt in the elevator of a high rise building in Manhattan a few years ago? You learned from a resident that people often became ill after moving into that building which sits on top of a fault line. Their overall health improved once they moved from that unstable environment.

The shifting of the plates is felt in all the bodies, not just in the physical. It is challenging to hold stability under such circumstances. One might reasonably ask, then, why anyone would choose to live in such areas. Such regions historically become fertile agriculturally, therefore they are obvious places for habitation. Think about the lush rainforests of the Big Island in Hawaii. On that island visitors can actually track the progression of life growing abundant with the gentling over time of the volcanic environment.

Back to the shifting of the fields. With disturbances coming from above, below and all around, you are like ingredients in a boiling pot of soup. You are being alchemically transformed, like it or not! Transformation is a felt experience. At this moment in time on your magnficent planet every living thing is feeling the change. What can you do? Keep your heart and mind open to and focused upon the world you are creating. Ingredients in a pot of soup make all the difference to flavor, color, texture, aroma and consistency. Your intentions are vital to this transformative process. Transformation requires attention. We are in relationship, as you know. We as ingredients of the pot of soup are also the caretakers who stir and add appropriate seasonings. Our thoughts, attitudes and reactions are integral to the outcome.

All this is to say that YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Focus on that.

With great love,

The Rainbow Council

(c) Message received by Barbara J Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, Monday, October 23, 2023.

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