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After a ferocious storm last night spewed torrential rains and spun out tornados that tore apart silos, damaged houses, ripped out trees and blew the heck out of the region, a sweet, sweet silence descended once the power went out. Rare it is to experience the absence of the noisy human world. The respite of a world truly silent, dark and embracing, wrapped around us. I have not slept so peacefully in a long while. Grateful this morning. Rested. Imagining a world without all the noise that assaults us on a daily basis. This is the world I choose to envision.

Only once before have I experienced such silence. A small group of women were out on a weeklong wilderness canoe trip in northern Ontario. We spent some time to go inward during a portion of a day on a small island. In that time of sweet surrender and stillness it was possible to actually hear the hum of Mother Earth. No human interference. I have never forgotten that experience.

I love the silence. How about you? It’s so hard to find most of the time. Last night, with all its destruction, brought nonetheless a special aftermath of silent grace.

May we each find times to be in what Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Seneca elder, referred to

as the Silent Silence Stillness.

Love to you this day and every day forward.

Barb Woolley

©Barbara J. Woolley, Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

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