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Big times call for Big Surrender. As we watch the demolition of the world that literally is going up in flames, where do we place our energy? Into fear? Into appreciation for the power of the elements that show clearly that we the humans are so clearly not in charge? Into knowing that there is a Divine Plan at work behind the scenes? The transformation will continue in spite of some of our efforts to keep the world the way it has been and in spite of the illusion that it has been a fixed, stable entity.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The world is not in stasis. It is, to the contrary, in a state of constant change. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors certainly contribute in collective impact. Yet, we are not the only players on the field. I love what Michael Singer emphasizes, that we know nothing because there is so much more that is beyond our scope of comprehension.

What are we to do if we know nothing? Surrender to the moment in which we reside. Love. Embody and share Peace. Keep it simple. Be kind. Be compassionate. Help others.

Sending love to each of you today. Soon I will send out a blog with photos from this summer’s great adventure. Though I have been silent for the past several months, you have been in my heart and mind each day.

In Gratitude for the Gift of Life,


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