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If ever there was a time to get going, the time is NOW. If ever there was a time to step out of the darkness and into the Light, a time to step in from the sidelines into full center, the time is NOW. You are here to serve the Light, to serve Divine Plan, to usher in the New Earth and the Fifth World of Unity.

Everyone is tumbling around in the backwash of the world that is, in a sense, being flushed out of existence and into the planetary historical archives. You know that this is true. Your world provides evidence of prior worlds that have gone silent through such edifices as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the megalithic stone circles on the island of Gozo. The evidence is all over the planet that civilizations of great accomplishment have long preceded the one in which you are living.

Why do you grieve for a world that has brought so much suffering through its polarities? For what reason would you choose to hold onto beliefs, structures and institutions that are imbedded with the energy of polarity? The only way to move forward is to let go.

We encourage you to enthusiastically embrace the truth that a new world is in the making. We encourage you to visualize and build within your very cellular and subatomic structure a unified field of love, peace, harmony, balance, compassion, and absolute integrity. Create a beautiful world that offers enough for everyone with great sufficiency. See this world, hear it, feel it, know it in your bones. Taste its sweetness. Contribute on a daily basis to this vision of goodness that is being created. Your clear thoughts, your loving hearts, your diligent intentions really do matter.

Take in a deep breath, settle within yourself. Hands on your heart, feet on the floor or earth, breathe yourself into a calm space and dream the dream into being without limitation. Be 100% positive in your thoughts and heart-mind. We are joined with you in this magnification of constructive energy. Mother Earth is breathing and contributing as only she can. The spark of creation is within each one of us. When we join our sparks in concert, with the Song of the Spheres energizing our brilliant creations, we can, together, accomplish far more than you can humanly imagine!

Thank you!

We love you!

We support you!

Your Wonderful Team of Cosmic Light Conductors

© Message received by Barbara Woolley, Thursday, January 20, 2022.

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