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Saturday Morning Meeting

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Crows flew silently into the trees of the still forest today. It is unusual for them to be so quiet. They caught my attention especially because of their silent flight. When crow appears, it is for me a signal to come into alignment with Sacred Law. You may appropriately ask, well, what does that mean? Here is Crow's reply:

"Since long ago, long before time began to be recorded in the way of your place and time, we have brought news and information from the heavenly realms. All who understand that we are like the Town Crier, have through time immemorial gathered round to hear the latest news from Creator. This is a step-down process, of course, for Creator's language is one of light, sound and symbols. As you know, we are a species well-known for our adeptness. We are quick to learn. And, we always share. When Creator speaks, we listen. It is part of our commitment with The All That Is to communicate what we are asked to pass along.

Today, Creator invites each of us to remember that the Universe was created in harmony. Like a puzzle fit together, all pieces touching perfectly, the original design was beautifully complete. This is, of course, not the current state of affairs in our sector of the Universe, nor is it the state of affairs in all sectors of the Universe. Our world, the one we inhabit with each of you, dear reader, is in a state of chaos pursuant to the tugs, pushes and pulls of factions who are falsely, perceptually divided. We say false because, as has been said again and again, we all can rightfully claim our origins as being from the beginning. Yes, we all come from the original inception! This makes us kindred spirits!

When we fly through the woods, through the meadows and along the shores of the ocean, we feel the turbulence that has been set in motion. We don't like this very much, but our young ones do-to them it's like skiing down a mountain with moguls that thrill and jar the bones or flipping upside down when strong windy gusts disrupt the set-upon thermal path. You know how young ones are, right? Each of us was once upon a time a young'un. The memory of such thrills is imbedded in our bones. While thrills might give chills, they also produce great laughter! We could all use some fall-on-the-floor laughter right now, correct? So we might as well resurrect the sensations that so long ago drove us to exclaim with shrieks and great glee. Want to feel joyfully, fully alive? Surrender! Laugh! Play!

Enjoy the ride is what we have been encouraged by Creator to say to you. You are made for this moment! You have come to move your world from polarity to a balanced masculine and feminine paradigm. Your world, the one that has become obsolete, was one of imbalance, one that was hierarchical and unkind to many. That time has passed! Embrace the brilliance of the new world that is becoming. Shake off the sorrow, the regrets, the aches and pains of the world that was. Open your spirit to the love, compassion, harmony and balance that is flooding your planetary system from all directions! These blessings are yours! Breathe them in deeply. Fill your body, heart, mind and spirit with the goodness that Creator wants to share with you. Believe that the world is changing in a good way. We caw, caw, caw to you to join us in the recalibration that is necessary during periods of rapid, unstoppable change.

When you hear us caw to you from near and afar, please remember that we are loving on you! Our throaty sounds are meant to encourage as well as to stimulate the remembrance that you are part of a much greater community of Light. When we gather in groups at the beginning of the day and as the sun begins to set, pay attention! Stop to sit with us awhile. Your Spirit understands Crow-speak even if your conscious mind does not. You will feel the blessing.

We love you, thank you, honor you and adore you!

Your friends, the Crows"

I had no idea that Crow would be delivering the Saturday Morning Message today! Well, how about that. My hunch is that there will be other speakers from the extended family on Mother Earth. One thing is certain...we will find out! I am hearing a lot of laughter. Yay!

Have a blessed day!

I am sending love to each and every one of you!

Barb Woolley, Messenger

Saturday, September 25, 2001

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