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Saturday Morning Meditation

I am smiling. Looks like I am back online now!

I trust you will enjoy today's message/meditation from the Great Meeting Hall. Please share with others. Be sure to do so in its entirety.

Sent with love and gratitude,

Barb Woolley


“If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

My goodness, most of us would be grateful to stay away from a hot kitchen these days as the world further ignites in flames. Holding positions of harmony and balance with love at the center has become more interesting a practice, shall we say? Yet that is what we ask that each of you commit to: holding the template of peace, harmony, joy, compassion, enough for all with egalitarianism front and center, along with absolutely respectful consideration for all living beings. We would propose to offer a centering and balancing meditation this morning.

Find a spot that is quiet and comfortable, a place that will be undisturbed. Settle into

position. Turn off cellphones and all technology please. Place your hands on your heart. Take in a big breath of love. Fill your heart space with the energy that Mother Mary so readily shares with you; it’s a lustrous rose pink. Your hearts are glowing with this radiant pink!

Hold the breath in your sacred heart until you feel moved to share it with all your cells and subatomic particles. Breathe in again. This time, send your breath into the heart core center of Mother Earth after allowing the rose breath to be infused with the love that you are. Send the love rose breath down the shaft of your Shushumna (central channel) into the heart center of Mother Earth. She opens her heart to receive the gift that you offer to her. Feel her gratitude in response. Mother Earth reciprocates by emitting cobalt blue energy that travels up your Shushumna and into your heart. Christ appears at your back. Placing his hand on your heart chakra, he clears away, with a sweeping motion, energies that are ready to be released today. Next, he pours the golden light of the Christos into your heart chakra. Breathe this in. Fill yourselves with the essence. Christ is making clear that he has your back! On your next in-breath, please hold the breath in your heart for several seconds. Allow time for the rose, the cobalt blue and the golden energies to commingle. Yes! Yes! Yes! Now you understand how the Triple Fold Violet Flame is formed. The colors swirl as their flames ascend through your Shushumna, pop through your crown chakra to continue upward to join your Divine Self in the Chidikash, that marvelous place of unity with Source that is positioned 1-2 feet above your crown. It may appear to you like a shimmering cloud. Your Divine Self greets you, shares the opalescent sparkling white that is being offered by Source Creation. Some of you may be feeling a bit emotional. Know that this reaction is perfect.

You are remembering the connection that is within each of us, not one sentient being left out. We are all aspects, different though we may be, of Source Creation. We are each so thoroughly loved and cherished. Please, take in the energy that is being offered today. And every day, we might add! Breathe in. Breathe out with gentleness. The breath is circular and through your nose, lips closed. Roll your eyes toward your Ajna point (third eye chakra) in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows. You may choose to further connect by placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You may notice energy streaming as you do this.

Those of us gathered in the Great Meeting Hall are similarly engaged. In this way we can, together, create peace within. We encourage you to return to this inner sanctum with regularity. In this way you receive much-needed spiritual nourishment. Stay here for a few minutes. Fill yourselves! Then, when ready, disconnect your tongue, roll your eyes back to normal position. Begin to take leave of the Chidikash by focusing your energy downwards as you move through your Shushumna back into physical awareness. Come all the way back into your body. Breathe in the stillness you have created. And when you are ready, open your eyes, feel your feet on the floor, wiggle your body.

We encourage you to move into the rest of the day in this state of peacefulness. Your cells and subatomic particles will remember. If you need a nudge, ask your Divine Self to prompt you to re-engage with Peace through your breath. Invoke the Triple Fold Violet Flame to clear and qualify any situation or energy that would seek to move you from this state of grace.

We dearly love you.

We support you.

We are grateful for your courage and commitment.

St. Germain

Message mediated by Barbara J. Woolley, Saturday, September 4, 2021

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