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Council of Light

Saturday Morning Meeting

Grand Tetons

August 20, 2022

St. Germain: This morning we gather to send brilliant swirling rainbow-hued light to the hearts and souls of all the residents of this planet. We sense a fatigue that is palpable. Self-care is imperative: take the time to rest, relax, eat healthy food, focus on positive thoughts and intentions that will feed your soul and your larger purpose. Some of you have been asking, in response to the feeling of being adrift in the great ocean in a boat without oars: “What is my purpose? I thought I knew where I was heading, but something has changed and now I feel unanchored.” The short and simple answer to your question is that for change to occur, you have been asked to let go of the world you have known in order for you to be able to move into the world that is becoming. The great news is that you are letting go! This is why you feel different. But your relationship with Source, the Essential Presence, is immutable. That never changes.

We encourage you to take time to ground outside in Nature. Find a spot to sit or walk in. Say hello to the trees, the plants, the birds who stir the energy for this day with their sweet songs. Step away from the distractions that begin upon awakening to the new day. Take time to connect with the natural world. Say farewell to the moon. Say good morning to the sun that is rising through a pink-hued sky. Express gratitude for the Spirit that sustains all life, that is within you and within every living outbreath of Source. Be thankful. Breathe in, breathe out naturally. Follow your inbreath into the center of your beautiful sacred heart. Fill with the great love that is your innate heritage. Place your hands on your heart. Sink into the swells of the Cosmic Ocean. Allow yourself to accept the support from Source that rides into your heart like the waves rising and falling in the mighty oceans. Aware or unaware, you are forever a part of this great presence. Take time each day, even multiple times during each day, to remember that you are part of something much vaster than the experience you are having as an incarnated human. Each time you step out of the small world that is human existence you literally reboot yourself. There is so much more, so much more.

We love you with all our hearts. Some of us have lived on your planet, so we do understand the rigors of earthly incarnation. We know it’s not easy. And yet, there is so much beauty, so much that is precious. Be with the beauty, be with what is truly precious.

Take the rainbow love that we are sending to you right now!

With Great Love from the Teton Retreat,

St. Germain

(c) Transcribed by Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, August 20. 2022

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