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Primordial Mother

A long, long time ago, so long ago that it’s mind-bendingly unfathomable, the Great Birther, the Mother of All, PRIMORIDAL WOMAN, delivered our world, our earth, our very existences into being. As she labored, millions of stars blasted forth from her womb-space. The darkened skies, deep purple with tinges of black and deep midnight blue, began to sparkle with her issue. We were shot out into the great universe to destinations yet to be determined. Oh, what a majestic event that must have been! Some call it the Big Bang. It was actually an explosion of intentional birthing! Eventually some of us landed upon Mother Earth who immediately enfolded our tender spirits in loving embrace while forming physical bodies around our souls. The birthing process has been an ongoing process ever since the original creation.

Today, I am in wonderment of how all this came to pass. I am also wondering what her thoughts are about her children. She loves us deeply, that much I know. Is she worried about us? Assuredly so. A planet of war is not what she envisioned. I really do not think so. She would love her children to thrive in a world of plenty. She would love for us to love one another, be kind to one another, be respectful and accepting of one another. Is her heart breaking? Like all mothers she most surely would want the best for all of her children. Every mother’s heart catches when she is unable to protect, comfort and reassure her children regardless of age and gender from forces she could not have foreseen so long, long ago.

Mother Of All, my heart sends out the deepest of gratitude to you today. Thank you for my life, my ancestral mothers, my children, and for all your children.

Mamaste, the mother in me blesses the mother in you.

Barbara J. Woolley


© Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, Mother’s Day, May 12, 2024. Please do share this post in its entirety. Thank you.

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1 Comment

What a patient mom...waiting for us to clean up our mess...

And, if we get it and start, she'll jump right in and help! 🙂

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