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photograph by Georgia Lesnevich Haneke @georgiahanekephotography

The exquisite photo taken by professional photographer, Georgia Haneke, of a fall foliage scene in mountainous Utah, brought the topic of portals to mind. When I considered her photo, the red leaves denoted an area that drew me in, like a portal. The image is colorful and inviting.

A portal is an entry point into an energetic realm. You have seen as well as felt them with your eyes wide open. Yes, your body shimmers with the remembrance of the portal entrance into Shamballa that you were fortunate to experience in Outer Mongolia. We are here to tell you that you do not have to wait for a portal to appear. You also can create a portal for personal benefit.

How do you do this? By setting a crystal-clear intention after you have established yourself in sacred space. Portal creation is a sacred art. For example, if your intention for the day is to ride above the waves of chaotic energy that are afoot, you might visualize that a field of shimmering, sparkling rose love surround you to dissolve disturbances that would otherwise disrupt your day. Here’s wording that we might use: “I call upon the Forces of Pure Christos Love to create a portal of serenity, peace, harmony and balance to enfold and support me as I move through this day.” See the portal gently encompass you to create a vortex of energy that supports you on all levels. We know that you could even sit through a contentious meeting in such a sea of rose-infused calm!

Let’s try this practice together now. Situate yourself in sacred space. Slow your mind through a series of cleansing, releasing, quieting breaths. Drop your attention into your heart. Place yourself in the center of a rose orb of high vibrational love. Claim yourself as the radiant being of light that you are. Proclaim: “I call upon the Forces of pure Christos Love to create a portal of love to hold, enfold and move with me throughout this day. I choose the pathway of peace, love, compassion, harmonious balance and serenity. Observing the day ahead, this pathway guides me through thick and thin. I believe with radical faith, trust and surrender that I am supported by the Forces of Love at all times.” Take in a breath, fill yourself with the knowing that you have established yourself in an intention that upholds your soul’s desire. Understand that you absolutely can Be Peace in the midst of the chaos that marks the closing of one world as we move into the next world that awaits us.

At the end of the day, give thanks for the energetic support you have called forth, then release in gratitude.

Wherever you are on this Saturday, thank you for showing up!

Barb’s Wonderful Team

©Message conveyed to Barbara J Woolley, Spiritual Mediator, Saturday, October 7, 2023.

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