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Ping Pong

The image of our lives being like a ping pong game kept pushing through the other day. Sometimes we are wielding the paddles. Other times we feel like the ball being propelled back and forth across the net in a game of play that is not our own. Or is it? Personally, I do enjoy a game of ping pong. Do I like being smashed over the net? Probably not, to be honest.

We are in the great crunch zone, fellow earthlings. The Great Shift is upon us. It is deadly serious as we witness the tragedies unfolding all around us in a world that is evidently collapsing. Yet, at the same time, there is an enlightening process that is opening the hearts and minds of our global population. With all the traveling I do, the evidence is mounting daily that the hearts and minds of people are awakening. It's beautiful to behold. More loving kindness. More compassion. More appreciation of the differences that make diversity so interesing. At the same time, a deeper understanding that at our core, we are precious love out-picturings of the true oneness that we share.

The Elders have been calling to us to wake up. The new time, the New Earth, is within view. To embrace what is coming means that we must let go of what was. And then, allow what is becoming manifest to arrive. We can put what we wish to release into a ping pong ball and send it flying over the net and into the hands of Creator for re-formation.

We are players in this great ping pong tournament called life. How do we choose to show up for the game of play? Heart-centered? Joyful? Grateful? Loving? Compassionate? Kind? Intentions to support the greater good? Or, otherwise. I know you feel the difference between the two approaches. We do have choice. We can make a difference by how we plant our feet in each moment.

People look at me cross-eyed when I rave on about my friends, the squirrels. Oh, they say, they are noisy nuisances. But, I say, they are industrious, community-minded, prepare for times of scarcity, and really they do know how to play. They have an expanded world-view from the lofty perches that are their nests in the upper stratosphere of the trees. I think they would thoroughly enjoy a game of ping pong. Maybe they have their own version. In a broader sense we do have much to learn from each other regardless of the bodies that we inhabit. The supreme consciousness is everywhere emanating from everything.

Just a bit of early morning rambling going on here. I appreciate your patience.

The New Earth is here. Let's move in as the magnificent beings of loving light that we truly are. The crossing time from New Year's Eve into New Year's Day seems to carry even deeper signficance this year. Out with the old, in with the new is more than just a saying. Let's do it.

The time is now!

Love to each and every one of you.

Barb Woolley

(c) Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, January 2, 2024. You are welcome to share this post. Please do so in its entirety.

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