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Finally a word has appeared that covers my belief system in the simplest of ways. Clearly I have not been having an original thought. Many, it seems, believe similarly. What are you talking about, you must be wondering at this point. The answer, the simple answer, came in a Facebook word post the day after my 8 year old granddaughter once again inquired: "What is your religion? What do you believe in?"

Explaining spirituality as opposed to endorsing one religion had proven to be an elusive endeavor. Omnism made the discussion simple. In short, it is the belief that there are aspects of value in all religious traditions whether they are based on the concept of God or not, and, that there is a transcendent presence that goes beyond that encompasses everything. Phew! Glad I am to have a simple word to use going forward. My granddaughter was satisfied by the explanation. If she had not been satisfied, the question would have kept coming like a mosquito around my head!

Love to each of you on this fine chilly morning!


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