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New Moon Gatherings

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Wed, Oct. 6, / Thu, Nov. 4, 2021 / Sat, Dec. 4, 2021

8 pm EDT / 7 pm CDT / 6 pm MDT / 5 pm PDT

November's New Moon is coming soon!

Offering us the opportunity to shed patterns, beliefs, thoughts, and templates that no longer support us, New Moon calls, “Out with the Old, in with the New!” as we move from the shedding leaves time into the chill of the month of November.

The ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar, November is a Latin word that means nine. Well, that's interesting! Nine is the number of completion. What cycle(s) are you completing as your fall season concludes? What are you willing to relinquish in order to allow room for the planting of new seeds during the gestational time of winter? We are each being called to release and create at this momentous time in history. What emerges next is completely

contingent upon what we, as a species, decide to do.

While meditating during October's New Moon call, the Elementals announced that they would like to offer specific gifts and healing during the next five New Moon gatherings.

What a lovely surprise!!! Each month going forward, through March 2022, a specific group of Elementals will be the master conductors. The Elementals of Earth presided over October's call. The Water Elementals will lead November's gathering, guiding us through a deep cleanse in coordination with the talented MAP Team. MAP is a collective of Nature Spirits (nothing in creation happens without their assistance), each of our Wonderful Teams (specific guides, master teachers and healers, the angels, and others whom we call upon for assistance, guidance, and teachings). The teamwork is fabulous!

Participants will be able to invoke and receive personal healing, energetic clearing of their homes and properties while engaged in silent meditation. Ancestral healing is integral to the work we will request this evening. We will-for ourselves, our biological, soul and spiritual lineages, aspire to release what no longer is relevant to our evolving self. We are the point of

convergence for each of these lineages. Much good work can be accomplished not only for ourselves but also for our ancestors and descendants. We will also call forward through our timeline inherent gifts that we indeed possess along with knowledge and skills gained from the lessons learned from other lifetimes. Please understand that this process can be likened to a time-release capsule. All unfolds in divine timing. When the request is made, it is heard

by our divine self, our lineages, and those who help us from the other realms.

The call will be 45 minutes long. Participants will be muted throughout the call, but able to be seen on video. Please show up in the waiting room about 10 minutes beforehand.

This will give you time to disengage from the outer world so you can settle into the energetics of the evening.

The call doors will be locked at 8:05 pm EDT.

Heartfelt donations are always appreciated if you feel so inclined.

This can be accomplished through my website:

Please RSVP by email. The Zoom link will be provided upon


Looking forward to being with you soon!

Barb Woolley

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