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Nature's Garden


There is an order in nature that delights. Mother Nature knows how to place her rocks, plants and trees in such a way that one can only exclaim over and again how beautiful the natural world truly is. Such was the case the day I took this photo during a recent stay in Grand Teton National Park. Lush green grasses surround the eye-catching rocks and boulders. And then come the surprise encounters with brilliant yellow flowers just as perky as can be. Perky at the base of the perky Tetons. Nature’s perfection.

How often do you turn off your phone to spend time in nature? Doing so pushes the reset button for realignment with what is truly natural.

The Tetons and Yellowstone place limits on cell phone connection. I love that this is official park policy. Families actually spend time hiking, exploring and enjoying meals and campfires together. The difference is noteworthy. Reemerging into the techno-world is always a shock afterwards, meaning the outer world is jarring with its noisy crowds. I have learned to immediately reset myself in the world of Nature with recollections of all that I have been privileged to experience. These experiences nourish me at the deepest of levels.

Here’s some wisdom from Laurence Rockefeller, who understood the power of the natural world:

  • "How we treat our land, how we build upon it, how we act toward our air and water will in the long run tell what kind of people we really are."

  • "Mindful of different ways of being, our awareness as a species shifts-We recognize the soul of the land as our own."

  • "Nature quiets the mind by engaging with an intelligence larger than our own."

The Laurence Rockefeller Preserve in the Tetons is an outstanding place to be in nature.

With love and gratitude for our magnificent planet,

Barb Woolley

(c) Barbara J. Woolley, Nature Lover, Sunday, June 16, 2024. By all means share this post in its entirety!




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