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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

This link is my offering to you of messages that speak to the human circumstance during this great time of change. I rarely know who is going to speak through me. I can assure you that, often enough, the speaker comes as a delightful surprise. The intention of any given message is in direct response to the circumstances of our daily lives. Perhaps you will find relevance in messages that give pause for contemplative reflection; perhaps you will find comfort and rebalancing through the beautiful meditations that come through. All in all, the goal is offer support in a timely manner!

Today’s message is short and sweet, one that comes in response to a sleepiness and lethargy that has recently fallen upon me:

“Your discomfort comes from the discombobulation that is occurring through all the realms and spheres of existence. Everything is being shaken to the core. Difficulties with concentration, fatigue, feelings of uncertainty along with feelings of futility are in direct response.

Let go, re-center, refocus, keep your eye on the goal of rising to the greatest level of expansion you could have ever imagined.

Breathe this in. Rise up out of the miasma that is the current human condition. Rise up! You are capable of accelerating up, up, and beyond the miasma of confusion, dissolution and oppression. Do as Elsa sings in the movie, Frozen: “Let it Go!”.

While some of you might be wishing for ice in this steamy summer, there is no need to become frozen in the miasmic muck that represents a world that is sinking out of existence to become a world of the past. You are here to augur in the future bright New Earth.

Remember that the leap is well worth the effort!”

Your Wonderful Team

My Guides, Master Teachers, Angels, Divine Self, all the beautiful beings of Light who support me. Know that you, too, have your own uniquely configured Wonderful Team.

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