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Let's Have Some Fun!

Good morning!

We welcome you to the Center of the Universe, the point of convergence for all realms and dimensions. We are seated in a tiered circle around the Vortex of Love, what we refer to as the Epicenter of Grand Emergence. Your Sacred Heart is connected with this happening place, with this epicenter.

At times, such as is now, you may feel disconnected from the Heart of God. You are not, but that is how it feels to you. Times of creative and at the same time stressful turbulence, which throw you off-balance, can lead you to feel this way. We encourage you to envision yourselves standing on top of a seesaw. You are on top and able to, with practice, maneuver the seesaw into some sort of active balance as you move it back and forth. If you sit on one of the ends, with no one seated on the other end, balance is not possible. You will go nowhere. Nothing will happen unless someone joins you to sit on the other end. We want you to experience your ability to move the seesaw all by yourself just like kids do. This is the visual we want you to have in mind. It’s an apt metaphor for the kind of balancing you are each called to accomplish in your topsy-turvy world.

Now, let’s have some fun! Put on your tennies, shorts and a tee shirt, and for subtle realms real, climb on top of the seesaw. Center your feet astride the exact middle of where the board rests on the metal bar that holds the seesaw. You are agile this morning! No worries about physical ability, please. In your spiritual form you are able to visualize just about anything. Bend your right knee as you create motion to the right, then do the same to the left. Back and forth, back and forth you sway until you are able to get some motion going with the seesaw. The board is of light material. Actually, it’s a seesaw made of Light. What a surprise! We did not know what Creator had in mind for this exercise. We are joined with you, the entire Cosmic Team, aka the God Squad. Visualize an entire vast community of us, situated at the Center of the Universe, participating in this grand activity. What fun! As we stand atop our Seesaws of Light, a vast array that sparkles all the colors of the rainbow, we are sending Cosmic Love throughout the Universe. With giggles. With joy. With gratitude for the opportunity to extend the Light of the Universe in all directions. We knew we would be gathering this morning, but not that we would come together for a delightful play date. How wonderful is this! Let’s take a few more minutes to seesaw. What we are doing is, in a sense, creating a cosmic wave of joy. Now, jump off your seesaw; sit on the ground. Place your hands on your heart. Feel the energy you have set in motion. Sink into the deep peace that naturally flows throughout your whole being from our collective infusion of peaceful, loving joy. Slowly begin to bring yourself back into your earthly home. You may feel tingling in your feet and throughout your body. Breathe into your cellular structure the blessing that you have co-created this morning. The Cosmos is within you, radiating from and all around you. Yay! You have helped to spread Love and Light throughout the Universe.

We thank you!

We love you!

The Kids’ Brigade

The Great Community of Light

Saturday Morning Meeting

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, February 5, 2022

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