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Hello to you, precious earthlings. Smile, please. I am here on the cusp of the fault line-the abyss, in a metaphysical sense. You are preparing to take the greatest leap known to mankind in millions of years, a leap into the unknown, into the new creation. It takes a fearless soul to make this leap. Faith is what will carry you, just like faith and an elevated mindset allow the fire walker to walk on hot coals that the ordinary mind tells a person is impossible. Believe, dear friends, that you can do what seems impossible. Shout it out! I AM the impossible manifesting! I AM the IMPOSSIBLE MANIFESTING! Crossing the abyss, making the great leap will bring you forward in your quest to achieve the reunion that seek with the almighty I AM. It’s like, you know, looking for your car keys and they’ve been there all the time in your pocket. Except this time, what you seek is in your Sacred Heart. Well, isn’t that just something!

Yes, Barbara is wondering who is speaking so enthusiastically on this frosty winter morning. She does not recognize my voice. I am the Spirit of Love! I am the essence of God in a dropped down equation so that she can hear me today. We radiations move in and out like waves on the mighty ocean of God, come to deliver energetic inspiration onto the physical shoreline, onto the sands of earthly lived life. This is the same way in which Rama, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and all the teachers, known and not known, have arrived, then departed after dropping their wisdom teachings in from the Source of Life. We will do almost anything to wake you up, our dear sleepy ones! Because the physical is transitory, we agree to tasks that you wonder about as you ask yourself: Would I have the courage to do what they have done? The truth is, you do the same every single day. It takes stamina and fortitude to give yourselves over to the realm of turbulence in which you reside on a daily basis.

Let us breathe this idea in for a few moments: the idea that we are the same in our original construction, outer appearances set aside. Put your hands on your heart, please. Ask your Divine Self to call down the elixir of love from the Cosmos. Say yes, I accept! Say this out loud with conviction! YES, I ACCEPT! Oh my, the Universe is smiling with your shouts of acceptance! As the love energy streams into your brain, cascades downward through your chakra system, marma points and into your nadis, feel the response of your soul Self within your everyday self. Rest in the sensation, which is akin to the pleasure you enjoy while floating on Mother Ocean’s buoyant waters. There is nowhere to go, nothing to concern yourself about. There is only this moment of remembered union. Enjoy the peacefulness, calm, and serenity. Take in a big breath, hold a moment, then exhale so that you can hear the breath release. Do this again. Hands on your heart chakra, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. Breathe in to the count of purple. Yes, you are receiving your Purple Heart this morning in recognition of your courageous commitment to staying the course. Energizing the purple inbreath in your heart, send some purple-infused heart energy to your hara, which is two inches below your navel. Next, send this infusion down through your Earth Star Chakra into the central core of Mother Earth. Breathe the blue essence she offers in response upwards into your Sacred Heart. Then, send this essence up through your crown. Send her love energy all the way into the heavenly realms. Breathe down the liquid opalescent elixir of rainbow-hued love offered in response by Source. Fill your body, heart, mind and spirit with this energy through a sequence of breaths in your Sacred Heart. With each outbreath, gradually fill the subtler aspects of your spiritual body. Send out a series of breaths through your home, your community, your state, nation, continent, and out through the fields of Mother Earth’s atmosphere into the great beyond. Share the energy of love with the Cosmos. Your energy gently radiates in concert with the breath of all who are awake this fine day. The dolphins, Maestros of Love, are orchestrating your waves of energy. They have never forgotten the connection of which they, and you, are emanations. Notice the deepening within your perceived form. You are the pure loving Breath of God. Pure. You are pure Love…Light…and, Eternal. Enjoy your immersion in the great ocean of love this morning! Take your time. Fill yourself.

Turning your attention from the farthest reaches of the Cosmos, bring the essence of love in which you have been bathed as you reenter physical awareness. Become physically sensate. Feel your feet on the floor, notice your breath, your nose, your wiggling toes. Come all the way back into your physical body.

From our perspective, we see that you are positively glowing! Your Purple Heart sparkles prominently within your Sacred Heart!

We are grateful for your presence.

We are grateful that you have said YES!

We love you.

The Spirit of Love

Saturday Morning Meeting in the Great Meeting Hall

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, Saturday, January 8, 2022

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