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Holy Rain

Holy Rain

“Turmoil in every direction upends any sense of stability. Come back to The Presence, the Great Illuminator. Realign your core sense of self with the One That Is, with the All That Is. You will feel the shift within moments. Yes, allow the heartfelt tears to well up. You are not separate from. You are part of. The illusion that is being promulgated would have you remain in a feeling state of separation. Yet that could not be farther from the truth. You can never be separated from the Holy Presence. You, meaning humanity, are riding the turbulence of the changing of the worlds. There is an elusive grace in this experience. For you are the chapter enders and the way-showers for the time that has arrived that marks the unfolding of the next chapter of life here on and with Mother Earth. Surrender to the process of letting go what was to make room for what is and what will come. Your safety net is the Holy Presence. Find joy in the littlest things: the laughter of children, the beauty of flowers, the mystery of Grandmother Moon. Be kind to yourself and to every living creation. Love one another. Take time to stop, breathe and be. Be thankful. In so doing you will return to your center.”

I needed to hear this message today. It’s not an easy time, but it is a momentous time. For me, the enduring connection with The Presence is the stabilizer. I forget, sometimes, in the busyness of our warp speed world. When I reconnect through stillness, breath and openness to Love, I can proceed as the water does as it moves through raging rapids. Perhaps this is so for you, too.

May the great blessing of the Holy Love rain upon you throughout this day.

With deep appreciation that we are sharing this time together.

I love you,

Barbara Woolley

© Barbara Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, Monday, August 28, 2023

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