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Your world is literally afire. The element of fire is the ultimate purifying agent activator. Little remains unchanged in its path. Fire is the uppermost element of the Tree of Life, or, Kether. The spiritual aspirant is called to take the great leap of faith to jump across the abyss to reach the desired state of higher consciousness. This is where humanity currently stands in relation to its evolutionary process. How many will bravely make this leap? How many will organically move forward in the wake of the momentum created by those who courageously go before them?

We can assure you that the Great Shift is happening. You might not see it, but we surely do. We are not in the thick of the transformation as are you. Changes that augur higher perception are noteworthy in spite of the chaotic state of affairs. A great crack in the paradigm that has held the systems and templates of the Fourth World of Polarity in place has occurred. This is necessary. There must be a chink in the armor to allow for something new to become manifest. The chink allows for the release of stuck energy that, we concede, is not pretty in the least. Pour your light and love into the cracks within yourself and around you. Recalibrate and realign on a daily basis. Be strong. Dust yourselves off. Carry on the work in which we are engaged: making way for and creating a new world.

With love for you in our hearts this fine morning,

The Community of Light

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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Carol Fitzpatrick
Carol Fitzpatrick
May 11, 2022

So well stated Barb. Thanks!


Thank-you Barb!

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