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It is easy to focus on what is not working in our lives and our world. If you read the news and watch TV and internet headlines, you know that’s it is absolutely true that we are in a sorry mess. We implore you to remember that that’s only half the story. Underneath all the turmoil something is happening, something that augurs a new time, a new way, augurs something different.

Please do not lose sight of the Vision that you have been dreaming into existence for eons of time. Reconnect with the vision of the Fifth World, of the next Golden Age, of the 1000 years of Peace. Focus on this act of creation. Be the creators creating in tandem, in partnership with all the forces of Creation. As you do so, this energy will grow pyramidically, expanding outwards in the geometric formations that are the foundation of life as we experience it. The geometric patterns are the architectural design, the underpinnings of what becomes fleshed out in the material world. Visualize a world of peace, a world of enough for all so that every living being thrives, a world where all the magnificence of the manifest is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. Please spend time using the energy that you are for such purpose. You will find inner balance in doing so.

If you have entered into 2022 waiting for the next shoe to drop, just know that it probably will. We ask: And? So? If you live life holding your breath and wondering if you will become shoeless, you are missing the point! Go beyond fear. Go barefoot on the beach! Wear socks! Do a happy dance! Buy flipflops that are designed to come off! Churn butter! Make applesauce out of apples! Turn your minds to better things than worry. Worry is an energy stealer.

In the spirit of joy and love, we rededicate ourselves and encourage you to rededicate to Holding the Vision. We call this right use of energy. What you think, what you do and say truly does matter.

With Great Love,

Your Celestial Team

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, Wednesday, January 5, 2022


There are two more New Moon Gatherings with the Elementals

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 8 pm EST, featuring The Elementals of Space!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 8 pm EST, featuring The Elementals of Ether!

Register. Mark your calendars! These meditations are profound.

No fee. Donations always appreciated. Thank you.

I am available for Zoom private sessions. Register and pay through the session link on this website. I will send you a Zoom link. If you have questions, email me.

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