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This morning we are gathered in the Great Meeting Hall for contemplation and reflection. Everyone assembled has been encouraged to place her attention on the heart of God. This space is deeper than the mind of God. It is the inner sanctum. It is the place of possibility, the place for streaming love force frequency into what we choose to focus upon this morning. You could call this site the Love Generator. When plants, trees, animals, crystals and more were created for Mother Earth, we created from the sacred heart of God. Mind played a role, of course, but the empowerment of what was mentally created came from the heart of God. From this awareness, all that has been created has been born in love. Everything. It is this very spark of love that is encapsulated in the inner sanctum of each creation that we seek to infuse and encourage into full presence. Imagine a world that is radiating love-every plant, tree, animal and two-legged. This would be like walking on air! Imagine the air radiating love, the water radiating love, the earth radiating love. This is what we will focus upon at this time.

Visualize Mother Earth and all sentient presences enfolded in the great love emanating from the heart of God. See the pink rose energy of the Great Mother gently activating the seed pearl of love that is within the heart of the one and the all. Breathe in tandem with the sound of OM, the sound of Earth. A gentle breath, please. We have surrounded Mother Earth. Through your inner vision, through your extended hands, through your radiant hearts the great love of God pours forth to offer a blessing. Leave no stone unturned as you focus the loving light upon your transitioning planet. Believe that restitution, regeneration and restoration are in process. You may sense the subtle shift within your heart of hearts. From our perspective we see streaming rays of heart love pouring into and all around the planet. Mountains, streams, oceans, deserts and all the textures of Mother Earth’s body are bathing in this transmission. Sit still, bring your mind into your heart, place your hands upon your heart at this time. Be. Be for five minutes in not-doing. And now, bring your attention back to your physical form. Feel your feet on the floor, wiggle your fingers, move your head and shoulders. Be present once again in your physical body.

We thank you for joining us this morning.

Have a joyful day filled with grace.

Your loving brothers and sisters of the Holy Grail

© Message received by Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, Saturday, September 30, 2023

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