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Theme for Today: GET GOING!!!

Oh dear, wow, the entire Celestial Community is in SUPER form this morning. It’s rare to feel energy like this and hear the murmuring of excitement that has flooded the Great Meeting Hall. Imagine the sound of ten trillion hummingbirds zooming all around! Watch out! Duck! Just kidding. The message, and this is from the Cherubim:

We have been waiting for you to GET GOING!! We need your help. We need your encouragement, your vehicular assistance (as in we have somewhere to go and you are the designated drivers), and your unconditional support and love. There is work to be done and the time is now!

We are all part of the God Squad. We are all here because we chose to come at this particular juicy time. We are GOOD ENERGY! And the world will greatly benefit from the LOVE and KINDNESS and JOY that we have to share. We couldn’t be placing this call on the Spiritual FedEx phone line in a better month, the month of LOVE. We are asked to be like little Cupids sharing love, peace and joy as we move about in our lives. Psst…we have biodegradable healthy candy arrows and boxes of pure cosmic chocolate to share with every soul on this planet! Our Valentine’s cards are edible! How terrific is that!

St. Germain tells us to keep it simple. No problem! We know how to play and will remind you, dear older ones, how to do the same. How to get up and shake your booty, how to do the Slide and the Spiritual Twist. How to make cookies, healthy ones of course. And run around like happy children all over the neighborhood. We remember to say hello to the trees and the animals. There’s no embarrassment in that. Watch what happens: your whole world will come alive and bubbly! Oh! And blow bubbles! Take some to the grocery store to lighten up the elderly who love to laugh and smile. Spread joy, joy, joy….and more joy!!!

That’s all we have to say at this moment for the whole meeting hall has erupted into bubble-blowing, dancing, jumping joyful pandemonium. This is our kind of a Saturday Morning Meeting!

With great love and appreciation,

The Cherubim

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, Saturday, February 4, 2023. Special credit to my friend, Mark Torgeson, who stimulated this exchange by merely (!) sending a link to the music he is creating. Check out Mark’s musical website:

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