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Further collaboration...


And the conversation/teaching by the creature beings continues…


Yesterday was a start. We, squirrel and woodpecker, have more to say today. Though we are small in size, we are abundant in numbers. You might think about this fact. There are fewer eagles and wolves than there are squirrels and downy red-headed woodpeckers. Why would that be? You might respond by saying something like this: “You are lower on the food chain; predator creatures need more of you for their survival.” Really? That’s all that you can think of as a response? Well, how about this, Josefina. How about the fact that we are many in numbers because we can serve the nooks and crannies unlike the larger species. Some of us are designed to take care of the smaller yet not insignificant details. We are locals, not globalists. You know, like local governance.


Wolves howl at night. They range huge distances as do eagles and condors. We smaller beings sing and call during the day. One of our responsibilities is to sing the world awake each and every day. Collectively combined, we issue the world’s wake-up call. Our melodic oratory projection includes you, dear human beings. We sing sweetness into your hearts. You must admit that you feel happier listening to our resonant ululations as well as when catching glimpses of our colorful forms. This is, of course, woodpecker speaking. As for we squirrels, our insistent calls make you aware of us when you otherwise might have hiked right on by. You know how it is. You hear our chattering, then, look up and all around through the branches and leaves to locate the source of the beckoning. We get a kick out of how you crane your necks this way and that! Being masters of camouflage, you must stop, look and listen to find us. And when you do, when you have the courage to say hello out loud, we are delightfully surprised. Whomever of you actually takes the time to say hello, how are you today to us, your gray furry friends?  


Once it becomes apparent that you are not a threat but instead an equally inquisitive friend, the game of play changes. It really does. Try it. You will experience much joy through appreciating us. There is great upliftment to be had through such engagement. Trust us when we tell you that we seek camaraderie with you, our two-legged compadres. Come into the woods unplugged for maximal experience!

These are some of our thoughts this morning. We are happy to be in communicado with you as opposed to incommunicado. Get it? It’s a yoke.


Oh dear, it’s becoming a little silly now. But you must admit that you have a smile on your face even if you don’t believe such conversations are possible.


We love you. More to come…


Your friends,


Woodpecker and Squirrel


© Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Mediator, Sunday, January 7, 2024. I encourage you to share this blog with others. Please do so in its entirety. I love hearing from you. Please send comments to me at

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