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Full Buck Moon

As you scan with your inner vision, you may notice how many ancestors, how many ancient ones have gathered around and on the planet. All of our friends and family from the past, the present and the future have assembled to support and to witness what will happen next on Planet Earth.

Mother Earth is progressing with her ascension process. She is releasing her attachments, and, releasing her affinity for the world she has so sustainably supported through eons of time. Doing so permits her to shift her attention, with full focus, as she creates the world she chooses to become. The New Earth is being developed with astute precision. Humanity has accelerated this process due to having strayed so far off course. There is truly no alternative. What Mother Earth chooses is for her highest good as well as for the benefit of those who will be transitioning with her as well as incarnating upon her in the years to come.

Yesterday Barbara listened to the wisdom of elders from various traditions speak about the time in which we now live. The Original People have always understood the changing of the worlds that occurs at certain junctures in the life of the planet and for all her residents. Their prophecies have been intended to serve as reference points, like mile markers, to show us where we are in relation to our relationship with Creation. The prophecies are teachings that are meant to show us that life lived in a loving, respectful manner towards oneself and all our relations will insure a generously sustainable life that provides for all of our essential needs-so long as we take this responsibility seriously. And, so long as we recognize that we are truly not separate from nor superior to the rest of Creation. Gratitude, appreciation and reverence are integral to this recognition that we are, indeed, all family and all One.

Our hearts are called to align with the Great Mystery. We are called, in body, mind and spirit, to remember our Cosmic origins. We are called to remember that we are the outbreath of Source Creation. In a great cosmic sneeze, we were dispersed in all directions! No tissue needed. When we abide in this remembrance, our hearts expand with loving compassion for every aspect of created existence. Though unique in our individual expression, we are definitively united as emanation from Source. We are not separate.

On this Full Buck Moon we ask for you to join us as we consciously join our heartbeats with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and with the heartbeat of Source. Soon enough, as we breathe in and out through our noses in a relaxed manner, hands on our heart, our energies will synchronize like the synchronization of a roomful of pendulum clocks. Or like the synchronization of the menstrual cycles of a group of women gathered together in ceremony.

Let’s take five minutes to come together in this way. Notice the subtle shifts as you deepen into the practice. Notice the peaceful awareness on all sensory levels. Know that the ancestors and ancient ones have joined in with us. The entire natural world is aware that we have made time to go within. What a juicy place to convene! When we come together in such a way, things happen! Let us, together, visualize a world infused with peace. Breathe this in, breathe this out. In the space of no time, we have all the time we need! Now, visualize Mother Earth, a tiny beautiful ball of blue and green, as she sits within the vast Cosmos.

Together let us send the love that is expanding through our joined peaceful heartbeats into Mother Earth and into the vast field of this stunning creation. You may sense the hugeness as we participate in a collective sweet time of peaceful breathing, our hearts joined as one. Stay with this practice of cosmic peacemaking for a few minutes of conjoined renewal.

Now, as you slowly bring your attention back from far away galaxies, breathe the majesty of who you really are into the physical form in which you reside. Feel your body. Feel your fingers and toes. Wiggle your nose like a bunny rabbit. Stretch your arms and legs. Open your eyes. Express whatever sound wants to issue forth-a sigh, a song, an exuberant

Glory Hallelujah!

Feel our gratitude flowing to you. If you could only see yourselves! Your energy bodies are radiant composites of Grandmother Moon, the stars, the Milky Way, Mother Earth, the rivers and mountains, the great ocean of life! You are so beautiful! Continue to choose to be part of Creation creating! Rise up and be joyful!

With great love,

Black Hawk

Mediated by Barbara Lucerne Woolley

July 23, 2021

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