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Freeing the Peace from Within

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Saturday Morning Message

We have been waiting for you this morning. There is much to speak about.

Let’s start with Barbara’s Chinese fortune cookie fortune, which says:

“Live each day as though it’s your last.” While certainly not a new saying, it is one that is relevant to the life and death times in which all of Mother Earth’s species have been living. The adage is a statement about choice.

How do you choose to spend this day? Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today? What matters most? Whom do you wish to be in contact with if it’s your final day on Earth? Would you choose to be in fear, full of regret and worry? Would you exit this plane of existence with a long list of “If only I had…” thoughts on your mind? Would you hold onto grudges, resentments, petty rivalries? Or, would you embrace with a fully-embodied gusto the remaining hours, minutes and seconds of Earth time? Would you laugh, play and create to express the joyful essence that you are? Would you sing with the birds and chatter with the squirrels? Or, bark with the dogs? Would you express a prayerful thank you to the trees? Will you make the most of this day? Would you send forgiveness to those individuals and groups whom you feel have wronged you? And, would you forgive yourself? Would you choose to cross the divides that seem to separate the populace of this planet to recognize and honor the common humanity that we share?

We ask these questions because they are important to your health and well-being. Barbara is, this moment, remembering Bear Heart’s response to “It’s a good day to die!” He countered with, “It’s a good day to live!” We agree! No matter what is occurring in your sector of the universe, we encourage you to embrace the opportunities that this day offers. You will only have such an opportunity once, for this day happens only once.

Some of you have been aware of deeper levels of activity this past week. Some of you are waking up in the middle of the night. Some of you have been feeling anxiety, deep sadness, a sense of dread. We say to you that your emotional state is in reaction to the dance between the dark and the Light. It has long been written that the final battle of Armageddon would take place in the region known as Megiddo, an ancient city in northern Israel. We say to you that the battles between the dark and the Light are in process and have been since 1999. And, that they are taking place primarily in the unseen realms. This is some of what you are feeling. And, this is what some of you who are able to “see through” are witnessing. The engagement is global in scope.

You have come for this time. You have come for the victory of the Light over the darkness that has pestered this beautiful planet for eons of time. There lies within the DNA of each of you the memory of a time of harmonious peace. This ancient memory is what we wish to help to activate this morning. Who would not appreciate feeling more harmony and peace within? Join us now if you would like to raise up the seeds of peace and harmony.

Find yourselves seated within the Great Temple of Peace. A splendid crystalline structure, it is multi-faceted and pyramidal in form, radiant with the light of Source Creation. Breathe in the pure air. Dangle your feet in the pure waters of the wading pools. Sit upon the rich earth that is the floor of this temple. Placing your hands on your heart chakra, intend to activate the love energy that has coursed through your lineage for all time. What now appears in your vision is a roll of film that looks like the reel from the projectors in early movie theaters-you know, the sepia-colored film of the scenes that make up the entire movie. What you are looking at is the history of your lifetimes. Ask your Divine Self to take you back to the time when Peace and Harmony prevailed. The scenes of lifetimes flash by as the scrolling proceeds with great speed. No need to look at other lifetimes today. What is important is to arrive at the Original You, the YOU who arrived on this planet full of love, filled with Great Peace of Creator. Ask for blocks to the expression of these original qualities to be removed while you state clearly, out loud: “It is time!” Ask your body elemental, the brilliant energy who is your physical plant superintendent, to come into alignment with the intention you have proclaimed this morning. And to Creator, affirm: “Thy will be done!” You may feel a rippling forward through time and through your body as your request is set in motion. Be patient, please, for too much energy too fast would prove counterproductive. Know that your request is now to be honored in a timely, gradual manner so as not to overwhelm. Breathe Peace and Harmony up through the timeline of your Self. And be thankful! Take your time. Come back in slowly with grace and ease. Thank your Divine Self and body elemental for assisting. With your hands on your heart chakra, shout out a joyful Thank You to yourself and all the world! Look around you with the new eyes that God has given you. You will see, hear, feel and know more peace than ever before! Peace is within you and all around you. Be open!

We trust that you will have a wonderful day.

Carpe Diem!

With Great Love,

St. Germain and The Community of Light

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