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Good morning and the best of wishes to each of you. We have watched this past week with much interest. It has been a time of festivities. Cinco de Mayo to celebrate the 1862 victory by Mexican troops over invading French troops, succeeding against seemingly insurmountable odds. And, the Kentucky Derby, another demonstration of surprising victory with the odds for winning literally changing moment by moment. Derby brings people in high spirits from all around the world to Louisville, Kentucky, for a week of horse racing and socializing on a scale that is truly noteworthy.

In the midst of these two events has come the Full Flower Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, along with a terrific influx of cosmic energy that has truly knocked some of us off our feet. If you have been feeling a tad wobbly, the infusion of great light explains a lot. The peak of this particular wave was on May 5th Full Moon, with the energy settling in over the next two days.

The Great Master Jesus said: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Mathew 18:20. Regardless of national events taking place that are disturbing, much more has been occurring that is part and parcel of the continued upliftment of the human consciousness. If you are not feeling or seeing what is transpiring, please rest in the knowledge that the time so long predicted is truly unfolding. In such a gathering as has been the Kentucky Derby, the opportunity to accelerate the inner expansion of those in attendance was surely magnified. You see, all is not that it seems to be! Visualize the aggregation of so many people as an opportunity for concentrated downloading! The Light now shines on brighter and is definitely welcomed!

The Angels of Victory have reveled in this part of their mission-actually an ongoing proposition for sure, made easier when people are joyfully anticipatory of good things happening while a great time is had by all. The Angels poured down upon all those in attendance a great rain of love and peace. We applaud the Mighty Work that has been one of the next stepping stones in the process of humanity’s spiral spiritual evolution along the pathway of return to the Light.

Crow has appeared on the railing outside the house to remind us that the Sacred Laws exist for good reason. Humanity has been out of step with Universal Law and the Laws of Nature. We are being called back home to reinstate the balance that comes from unilateral respect for the sanctity of all life. As we accept the Light that is being extended toward and infused into us, we naturally become more aligned with the Universe and every living thing. We invite each of you to surrender with radical faith and trust to the larger purpose which is the return to Love and the establishment of the Fifth World of Unity through inner and planetary peace.

In good faith and with heartfelt appreciation,

The Council of Light

© Message transcribed on May 8, 2023 by Barbara J. Woolley, spiritual messenger

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