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Saturday, November 6, 2021: Diwali!

This message has been pushing through all day. Diwali, otherwise known as the Festival of Light, is a five-day celebration of the victory of Light over darkness and of Good over evil.

Indeed, we are living in times that seem to be exceedingly dark. We remind you that in spite of outer appearances, the big shift to establish greater volumes of Light on Mother Earth is happening through each of you. Your personal spiritual practices, your personal commitment to maintaining sacred space within your homes and workplaces and everywhere else you inhabit each day, your personal resolve to show up in service to the Light is how the big shift is made possible. For this reason, we wish you to understand that the path is to go within. It is easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the chaotic circumstances on this beautiful planet at the moment. We raise our chalices, and we ask that you do the same, to salute the great Light of which each of us is representative. The Light is within. Grow it within. Use this mantra often. At least once a day proclaim out loud:

I AM the Light!

I AM the Light of the Universe!

I AM the Light!

I AM the Light of the Universe!

I AM the Light!

I AM the Light of the Universe!

So be it! And so, it is!

We love you more than you can imagine.

Your friends,

The Council of Light

Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger

Saturday, November 6, 2021

P/S Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming New Moon Gathering with the Devas and Elementals! The next date is Saturday, December 4 at 8 PM EST. The Air Elementals will be in charge, so you might to want to joyfully batten down the hatches! They are whipping up some great energy for the occasion, but NOT of the “Yo Ho Blow the Man Down” variety!

😊 You can register through this website.

Please take time to experience earlier blogs and to learn about the private session work that I offer. Zoom sessions are easily arranged now that I am in one place through the end of March. Yes, my ship has landed by the sea by the sea by the beautiful sea!

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