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Fear is rising up within you and all over the planet. It is a program, like a script, that has long kept the human and therefore the entire planet in emotional jeopardy. Fear drives people to do inhuman things. It drives people who are feeling desperate to cause harm to others as well as to every living thing. Residing in fear is a choice even though most do not realize this. The media is doing a great job of stirring up the energy of fear. We can take this as a call to go within to do our inner releasing work, or, we can go into knee-jerk reactivity that continues to extend the energy of fear all around the planet. Choice. We have choice. What do you choose?

This is what we recommend:

Sit in a quiet setting where you can remain undisturbed. Cellphone off, please.

Breathe in and out, settle yourself into a deepening state of calm. Engage in simple, gentle in-out breathing as though you are creating little circles while breathing in and out of your nostrils. Focus on the center of your Sacred Heart, locus for the Great Flame of Eternal Love that is your connection to Source Creation.

Bring a pillar of pure crystalline white light down through your crown chakra from the heavenly realms. Infuse your Sacred Heart with this pure energy, then, send some down through your root chakra into the heart core center of Mother Earth. Bring a pillar of pure blue mother love energy from Mother Earth up into your Sacred Heart, infuse your heart, then, send blue love up to the heavenly realms. Run the white and blue pillar light energy up and down several times. You will notice that the light will turn to either cerulean blue or violet within your Sacred Heart. It doesn’t matter which color becomes prominent. Simply understand that you are witnessing an alchemical change as you deepen your connection between heaven and earth. If you do not see, you most likely will feel the energy moving within you.

Now, bring to awareness what it is that you are most afraid of. Breathe in and out while you witness the fear. Remember that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. It’s an energy, not a destination, unless you choose such an outcome. Visualize embracing the fear; gather it up with your etheric arms and place the fear in your Sacred Heart. Place your hands of light on your heart. Allow the cerulean blue/violet light within your Sacred Heart to infuse the fear with its energetic opposite = Love. Continue to expand the love energy until the fear surrenders. It will be as though you hear: “I give…I surrender” as the fear dissolves with relief and transforms into Love energy. Now, open the door to your Sacred Heart. Send the magnified love energy out into the world! You may notice that you feel differently than when you started this little exercise.

This is what we call right use of energy. I think that you will agree that this is so. And, that doing so leaves you feeling better than you could have imagined. The practice is a simple one. We ask that you use this approach anytime you realize that you are in fear. Stop. Look. Listen. Breathe. Embrace the Light as you run it up and down through your Sacred Heart. Place fear in your heart’s embrace. Energize. Dissolve. Share the positively charged resulting energy with the world. Simple practice, great results that provide benefit for the good of all.

With great love for you,

St. Germain

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Mark Torgeson
Mark Torgeson

Thank You St. Germain, aka Barbara! Timely advice for a faltering planet...🎈

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