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Saturday, July 30, 2022


Today we are gathered together in the Great Meeting Hall for our traditional Saturday morning meeting. We come from all over the galaxy to sit in meditation while energizing the templates for the world into which we are moving.

Yes, we are leaving the time of polarizing opposites. The transition, not instantaneous, is rather a gradual process. We do not put a specific time frame on what is occurring. Simply understand that the movement is underway, is at times and seemingly increasingly tumultuous as you well know.

This is a time for decision-making: Who am I? What do I stand for? What kind of world do I choose to live in? How can I make the most of this day? Where do I place my energy? What are my intentions? How can I uphold loving compassion in response to global events that shake me to the core? These and other questions are coming up on a daily basis now. Know that we have choice. Believe that we have choice! To be a peacemaker and a world-changer requires each of us to show up in a different way. What are we willing to let go of? What do we really need? How can we plant our feet, purpose and perspective in a manner that supports all life and blesses Lady Gaia and every living thing?

We ask that you find a comfortable place to sit. A place that is quiet and that will be uninterrupted. Take in a deep breath. Fill your lungs and heart, hold the breath for 7 counts, then release through your nose out into your auric field. Breathe in this way for a sequence of 7 breaths. These are creational breaths! Fill your fields with this heart-blessed infusion. Send your loving breath up to Creator. Send your loving breath down into the heart-core center of Mother Earth. Send your loving breath out into the Universe. You may become aware of tingling in your hands and feet, perhaps a movement of energy throughout your body. You are connecting with the Spirit you are which is expanding throughout your physical form and beyond. Now, take in another deep breath, fill your heart space, empty your thoughts to allow room for you to envision the world in which you wish to live going forward. Envision this world for succeeding generations. As you use this breathing practice, send from your loving heart into this vision. Oh! We are pleased to witness the multitude of creations that are works of such beauty, grace and love. You see how simple this is? Imagine this world; intend that this world come into form. Creation begins with a spark of imagination, is fleshed out through sound and vibration. For this reason, we have invited the Music of the Spheres, generated by the Celestial Choir of Angels which includes the sweet tones of the Cherubim, to expand the envisioning process in which are collectively engaged. Visualize this world in full living color. Be peaceful within. Many of you feel like the softshell crab who moves about in an in-between place having shed one home awhile searching for the next shell home to move into. We are not passive participants! We are creator participants! Hold this vision in your heart. This is dreaming which you are manifesting into reality. When prompted, send energy to boost this endeavor. Good work this morning, dear Community of Light. Please take in another deep breath, fill your heart and lungs, then, exhale in a great sigh! Take in another deep breath, sigh out loud! Once more, please. Now, feel your fingers and toes, raise your arms in a victory stance and exclaim: “We can and are doing this! We are magnificent creators! We are Light, Love, Harmony, Balance, Compassion and Peace!”

Thank you for showing up this fine Saturday morning. We love you, support you, and dearly appreciate you!

The Community of Light

The Great Meeting Hall

Saturday, July 30, 2022

© Message received on this date by Barbara Woolley, Spiritual Messenger

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