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Collaborators for Good!

Yesterday and today squirrel and woodpecker were at it trying to get my attention. This morning, the fluffiest red-headed downy woodpecker made clear that I am to listen up. It flew from tree to tree in front of the hermitage where I am currently staying, then, began pecking, noisily, high up in a tree. The sound reverberating through the woods was reminiscent of an old, peck-away on the keys journalist's typewriter. Squirrel has been my partner since the 1990's for writing projects. And now, woodpecker has shown up to provide further assistance.

I guess they want you to know that, like me, you are so supported. Since, to me, they are conduits for the great consciousness of which we are a part, I have learned to pay attention to their attention-getting antics. Well, not really antics. They are serious encouragers who keep at it unless I'm really out in left field and unconnected. Which does, admittedly, happen from time to time, sorry to say. My back had to go out yesterday to slow me down enough to pay attention. To those of you whose bodies have laid you flat recently, or not so recently, there often are other reasons behind the obvious circumstances. In this instance, for me, yes, I have needed to slow down, do Reiki, do yoga, and get on with the business of writing.

You might wonder about squirrel as prompter. A seemingly long, long time ago, in the mid-1990's, I intuitively knew it was time to write stories about adventures I had been having in nature. I had a lovely home that was fully embraced by Nature. Some mornings squirrel would skitter across the roof from my bedroom to a place above my office. A successful collaboration, I knew enough to sit down to write. Squirrel would move on into the rest of its day once I was situated according to divine plan. Squirrel showed up regularly, even one day energetically raced through the living room, rustled the pages of the piano book such that some of the sheets of music fell on the living room floor, then headed out the back door. Squirrel's physical body was invisible but its presence undeniable. I know, this is a bit of a stretch of imagination. You will have to trust me on this. Think quantum physics. Think that the seemingly solid third dimension actually is not solid and in fact has space in-between what we see as the physically materialized world. That's how squirrel accomplished that feat, which was gratefully co-witnessed by a client who had come for some private work. Gotta love validation!

Perhaps there are creature beings around you who are calling to you to "get going!". When crows start cawing, or hawk circles above you, you might choose to stop, go into the silence, wait for a message, word, feeling or thought to come through. You also might check the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson or the many animal totem sites online to further understand why your animal messenger has appeared at this particular moment. If you don't find the animal that has appeared to you, read up on its behaviors and customary habitat. You will find meaning in what you learn!

Creator/Mother-Father God/The Great Presence is here for you. Divine messages come in multiple ways. Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Seneca Elder, laughingly would say: "The creature beings have already completed their work; they hang around to help us poor souls."

Be respectful for the diversity of co-conspirator collaborators who are our precious friends in the natural world. Be grateful. Everything you need to know is presented to you in ways that are personally so delightfully unique. And, continually. We are so truly blessed.

As I enjoy yet another day in the mystery that is life, I sent heart-love to each and every one who is reading this post.

Barb Woolley

(c) Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Mediator, Saturday, January 6, 2024. Please feel free to share this post in its entirety with others. If you wish to share and comment, don't be shy. I read all emails received by

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