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The other morning while sitting out on the patio of my favorite retreat center, The Christine Center, a bee approached up front and personal. The bee hovered in front of my third eye, then dropped to my heart center. It stayed in both places for several moments, then flew away. I remained as still as possible, held my breath so as not to alarm this buzzing presence. After the curious, purposeful pollinator flew away, I took a relaxing breath with gratitude for the blessing. And for not being stung!

The relevance of Bee’s visit did not escape my awareness. Sister Gabe has filled the campus bookstore with all kinds of wondrous bee medicine books, honey candies, bumblebee jasper stones and bracelets, honey, maple syrup and bee ritual packets to set intentions for what one wishes to call into one’s life. And more! All of these bee pollinating offerings are meant to joyfully support the launch of a fabulous three-year program titled Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation. If you are interested, please go to The Christine Center website to read more about this amazing journey led by six masterful facilitators:

Then my thoughts turned to Bear Heart, medicine man in the Muscogee-Creek tradition who had a way with wasps. They would come to him allow him to extract their venom for medicinal tinctures he made for people. Now that is really something, don’t you think? Respect, collaboration on a level that most of us can only dream about.

When we respect our non-human brothers and sisters, we can join together to help one another. Respect and appreciation sprinkled with deep gratitude and the knowledge that all life is sacred offers the pathway forward. What are you wanting to pollinate?

These are the morning thoughts for today.

Blessed Bee,


© Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, Monday, May 20, 2024. Do share with others in your community. Please share this post in its entirety. Thank you!

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