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Being Peace

What is it that you choose? Do you embrace Peace? Do you commit, fearlessly, to being, standing in, sharing, expressing, dancing peace through every thought, word and deed? Being peace is a commitment to uphold the right of all species to live as God intended: in harmony, with respect, with access to all that is required to sustain life in the best, most imaginable way. It is such thoughts we hold this morning as we watch a world on edge.

Each day you arise not knowing what violence has been wrought in the world. We understand your distress. We ask that you contribute to the establishment of peace by turning yourself 180 degrees away from violence of any kind. You can do this. You know how to do this. You have been born to bring peace forward in the physical reality. We are not saying that this is an easy task. Oh no, certainly we are not. But we are saying that the desired, yay, needed change is possible through the concerted efforts of dedicated souls like yourself. The process begins within. Inner agitation runs contrary to being peace. Get yourself settled within, first, then exude peacefulness out into the world.

We include this recording of the sound of OM to assist with your inner balancing:

We offer the powerful, masterful words of encouragement from Martin Luther King, Jr, in his famous Christmas day sermon on peace, provided through The King Center:

Today the world lost a truly fearless leader for peace and justice with the passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The heavenly realms have gained a great spirit who will surely continue his work from the other side.

Each of you, though likely not famous like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, is a worthy, masterful conduit for the masterwork endeavor to establish Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men. Equal in the eyes of Creator, we each have a role in this process.

We ask that, today, you find time to sit in silence, feet on the floor or ground, to connect with Nature. Breathe in, hold, breathe out in a sequence of seven breaths each. Allow yourself to settle into the deep soul place within. Be still. Allow the peace to grow within, even if niggling thoughts race across your mind. Come back to your breath, come back to being peace. Come back to your true self. Fill yourself in this space of rich, fertile expansion. You may notice sensations on and within your body. You are expanding in love. You are blessing yourself and we are blessing you. Place your hands on your heart. The rhythm of your heartbeat is connected with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the Cosmic heartbeat. Stay there awhile. Fill yourself from head to toe and all around with the essence of divinity. Breathe this essence into every cell, subatomic particle and space of your being. And now, breathe this blessing of peaceful love out into the world and beyond into the great Cosmos. Stay in cosmic relationship for several moments. You are having a great embrace in the loving arms of the Universe. Now, bring your attention back to your feet and your hands. Wiggle them. Wiggle your nose. Move your shoulders and then move side to side with a little twist as well to return to full yet cosmically enhanced physical awareness.

This is such a simple meditation. And yet, this is a substantial way in which you can contribute to world peace. When you are centered, the world around you re-centers.

We love you. We are so grateful for you. Have a most beautiful day upholding the peace.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

The Community of Light

© Barbara Woolley, Messenger for the Divine, Sunday, December 26, 2021

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