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On Wednesday, May 12, 2001, I took a walk on the beach in the late afternoon. The beach has always been a holy, revelatory place for me. It did not fail to deliver. Once again, I experienced a completely unanticipated WOW event!

A man was seated on the sand at the edge of the water while talking on the phone and writing. His gregarious, energetic white pit bull ran towards me at warp speed. She was friendly, but I was cautious, so I stopped and stood still. Finally, the man noticed and came to get her. Immediately he launched into a fiery, ecstatic oration about how magnificent this world is that we live in. Pointing to the ocean, to the dunes, he circled all around while gesticulating wildly while exclaiming what a magnificent creation our world truly is. He lamented that not enough people appreciate the beauty of our planet, and, that not enough people are awakened spiritually. He had been talking to someone on the phone about getting on a TED Talk. He wanted to inspire people. He exclaimed, there is no need for war! He informed that he has been receiving messages from God about this. Passionate, he was on fire in God. I thought, my goodness, he sounded like a prophet come forward in time. We exchanged names. His was Samuel! Oh, this was one of those encounters! I smiled inside, grateful for the gift and knowing more would come as I learned about the biblical Samuel.

Walking on, I sank back into the silence again. My body was charged by the intensity of the encounter. Every cell and space of my being was revved. The rhythm of the waves helped me absorb what had just transpired. On the way back, it was my turn to give him a message: that he needed to write about how he awakened and to discuss the moment when his life and perception changed. He said he was in the process of doing just that. The dog, Juniper, then raced away far down the beach. Samuel had no idea the dog had left his side. I sent him in pursuit.

Continuing on, I felt The Presence. Peregrine falcon soared above. Then I noticed the shine of dolphin fins. A group of four, they swung in close to shore, then looped back out to deeper water. Their sides were an unusual brown color, one I’ve not noticed before. Having seen my fair share of dolphins over the years, later research revealed them to be Common Dolphins. They are not often seen along the coastline. No one else noticed them until I showed them where to look. People walked along the beach without really being in tune with the natural world, not noticing, not appreciating, just as Samuel had exclaimed.

True confession. My father did everything he could to entice me to read the Bible from cover to cover when I was growing up. I did not do that. I simply was not interested at the time. Looking up Samuel, I now learned that he is acknowledged by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A seer and visionary, he appointed Saul to be the first king at God’s direction because of the corruption of the judges who led the people. Later, God commanded that King Saul be replaced by David because he had stopped following God’s directions. At some point, Samuel led the charge to slay the Philistines once the Ark of the Covenant was returned that they had stolen from his people. Why, I wondered, has Samuel been placed into my path?

The burning question is, what is all this conflict really about? Israel and the Palestinians became literally engaged again on May 10, 2021 in the most ferocious fighting in many years. A ceasefire was reached on May 21, 2021. Because Samuel led the battle against the Philistines, I wondered, who are the present-day descendants of the Philistines? DNA from an archeological site recently strongly suggests that the present-day Palestinians are descended from the Philistines ( Also, that they were apparently not native to the land called Israel; instead, of European ancestry, they most likely migrated from Crete. Judaism asserts that Israel was granted to the Jewish people in a forever contract. Ancient vendettas are being reenacted with ferocity and in the land of the Megiddo, the prophesied location for the final battle between dark and light. Okay, Samuel, you have surely grabbed my attention.

Whose God is speaking absolute truth? How do we know if the voice of God is honorable? Whose God is dark? Whose God is Light? I don’t doubt The Presence, for I have felt the love from and heard the voice of that which one would call God. The God of Samuel was a God of law, vengeance and war. This is why I could not read the Old Testament. Genocidal war upon war upon war in between the extensive genealogical recitations turned my stomach. Too much smiting.

Samuel, it seems, has had an epiphany. He has moved into these rapidly changing times to pronounce that love and appreciation are the way to proceed. He tells us that we do not have to have war. We are to stop waging war. We are to embrace the beautiful magnificence of this precious world in which we live.

Isn’t this what the end of the Age of Pisces signals so that we can move into the Age of Aquarius? Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Seneca elder, taught that we are leaving the Fourth World of Polarity and heading into the Fifth World of Unity. The Ascended Masters refer to the incoming age as the Seventh Golden Age. Unity, peace and love through higher consciousness are the gifts when we disarm and lay down the template of war that has so long caused suffering for Mother Earth and all her species. The call is for each of us to clear the templates of war within us and our lineages. As we are each well aware, the energy of war is activating all around the planet. When we choose peace over war, love over fear, we are doing our part to establish the new age.

Thank you, Samuel, for appearing on the beach that day in May in response to our May day call for help!

Barbara Woolley, Messenger

Monday, November 15, 2021


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