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This morning I was prompted to share two journal entries from my May 2021 diary. At the time, war between Israel and the Palestinians had erupted yet again. And here we are two years later witnessing war of tragic proportions. I had an unusual encounter on the beach. Not my first such encounter, for I have had many. I have come to trust that these meetups have import and leave clues for me to follow. It is in this spirit that I share something sacred with you today.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Another day of rest and relaxation in Ocean City, NJ. I took a late afternoon walk on the beach. That was a WOW event! A man was seated on the beach talking on the phone and writing. His gregarious, energetic white pit bull ran towards me at warp speed. She was friendly, but I was cautious. Finally, he came to get her.

The man launched into a fiery oration about how magnificent this world is that we live in. He pointed to the ocean, to the dunes, all around exclaiming what a magnificent creation this world is. He lamented that not enough people appreciate the beauty of our planet, that not enough people are awakened spiritually. He had been talking to someone on the phone about getting on a Ted Talk. He wanted to inspire people. He exclaimed that there is no need for war. He informed that he has been receiving messages from God about this. He was passionate, on fire in God. I thought, my goodness, he sounds like a prophet. We exchanged names. His: Samuel! Oh goodness, one of those encounters!!! I smiled inside, grateful for the gift, knowing more would come as I learned about the biblical Samuel.

I walked on, enjoying the silence again, the sound of the waves, absorbing what had just transpired. On the way back, it was my turn to give him a message, that he needed to write about how he awakened, the moment when his life and perception changed. He said he was in the process of doing so. His daughter’s dog, Juniper, took off far down the beach. He had no idea the dog was loping away. I sent him in pursuit and continued on. I felt The Presence. Peregrine falcon soared above. Then I noticed the shine of dolphin fins. Yay! They swung in close to shore, then looped back out to continue on. Four of a brown color I’ve not noticed before. I learned later about Common Dolphins. They have brown sides. They are not often seen here. People walking along did not notice them. Their eyes are not trained to see who else is among us. I remembered my first favorite dolphin book, titled A Friend in the Water. I loved that book! After a long walk, I returned to the house at 7:30 pm.

Friday, May 14, 2021

The burning question, as Israel and the Palestinians are virtually engaged in the most ferocious fighting in many years, is: Who are the descendants of the Philistines? I learned that DNA from an archeological site recently established that the present-day Palestinians are descended from the Philistines. Also, that they were apparently not native to the land called Israel; rather, they are of European ancestry, most likely from Crete. The Judaic bible asserts that Israel was granted to the Jewish people in a forever contract-that’s what I read, anyway. Now, with the DNA research (has it been reviewed by independent sources?), Israel can insist that Israel is not the homeland for the Palestinians. Old old vendettas are being reenacted with ferocity. In the land of the Megidda, the prophesied location for the final battle between dark and light. Okay, I’m listening…and, considering that, if the Philistines migrated from Crete, they perhaps were Atlanteans seeking dry ground before the continent of Atlantis sank.

Samuel, I learned, is considered a prophet in all the Abrahamic traditions. Receiving messages from God, he was deeply involved in the intense conflict between the Israelites and the Philistines. He led the Israelite army against the Philistines and their slaughter as the Philistines retreated from battle. He was an appointer anointer of kings, specifically Saul and David. He certainly knew about war from the inside out. Through his beachside visitation on May 12, 2021, it is apparent that he has grown in his soul and perspective, that he has reappeared to pronounce that we do not have to have war.

Whose God is speaking absolute truth? How do we know if the voice of God is honorable? I do not doubt The Presence, for I have felt and heard that which one would call God. God of vengeance? God of love? My God is the God of Love, like Yeshua's. Why would humanity be placed upon this planet without sufficient room and resources for all? So many questions. So many players on the field. Enough contemplation for now. The answers will come. That much I know. In perfect timing. Samuel has been the stimulus for this investigation that has come to the fore two years later as ancient hatreds are expressed with ferocity, atrocity and vengeance.

All I can do is pray for the heart of humanity to open, for the well-stoked fires of war to be expunged, and for the Great Love to shine down and through every living essence of creation.

© Barbara J Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, Thursday, October 12, 2023.

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