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The River of Change is moving very quickly now. How comfortable are you with bobbing along and keeping your head above water? What go-to practices do you utilize when you are moved off center?

The world is unraveling rapidly. We are being forced face-to-face with ancient into the present structures, paradigms, beliefs and behaviors that are shocking. Nothing is left unrevealed. This is purposeful. It is important to see what has been impacting us within our personal interior as well as without and about in the world that surrounds us. If we do not know what lies beneath, we cannot make conscious, informed decisions and choices.

What do you choose for yourself and the generations that follow?

What kind of world do you envision?

What do you believe is truly possible?

What effort are you willing to expend to make the seemingly impossible possible?

Don’t give up now say my friends in Spirit. Stay afloat in the roiling river that has the potential to bring desirable transformation. Think about the beautiful landscapes like Monument Valley that have been carved by ancient rivers and oceans. Change is inevitable.

There’s no time like the present!

With great love and appreciation that we are sharing this incredible journey together,

Barb Woolley

© Barbara Woolley, Spiritual Mediator, Friday, February 23, 2024. Please share this blog with others. You have my consent to do so as long as you share in its entirety. If you would like to comment, you can reach me at: And if you wish to make a donation, go to that link on my website: Thank you!



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