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Quantum Physics

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Our hearts are overflowing with love for each of you who has taken on the mission to live on Mother Earth during the Time of Great Change. Imagine, if you will, swirls of energy twisting and turning, black, brown, olive drab with occasional flecks of golden light peeking through. This is what your world looks like to us as we gaze upon it from afar. Everything is being moved, everything is being shifted and lifted. The forces of destruction are not pretty. Imagine a building being torn down, its walls and interior being wrenched out, then tossed upon the waiting dump truck. Dust fills the air, some of which has lain dormant inside the structure ever since it was built. The dust of the world must be stirred, the protons, neutrons, the subatomic particles disturbed from their compacted state of being.

It is about the disturbances that many of you are noticing that we wish to speak today. The disturbed particles are impacting people, places and things. You are not sure what you will encounter from one moment, one day to the next. An outing to a favorite place or business might be fine one day, yet unpleasant the next. Let’s provide an example.

The Violet Flame is a magnificent tool. Place yourself inside a Violet Flame before entering a Wal-Mart, a Target, Home Depot, a UPS store, a restaurant, a dental or medical office. This flame will purify the space within and around you. You are not to enfold anyone else within the flame without permission, but you certainly have the right to assert clear space for yourself.

Let’s invoke the Violet Flame, now:

Envision yourself in your car. You arrive at your destination. Before stepping out onto the pavement, you step into a beautiful flame of blue, deep rose and gold. These colors combine to become the Violet Flame. You can move, walk and talk from within this ethereal structure. Its radiant energy clears a path as you enter into the building.

Because of quantum physics, this added structure, plus the energy structure that you are, are able to move into the business space quite easily. Ah, Barbara just realized that it was through quantum physics that a woman slid into place in front of her in a thick line of people waiting to order food during her last trip to India. That the little woman implanted herself was astonishing; the women in front and in back of her did not all kindly laugh since line-butting was not acceptable behavior. But the sheer act was remarkable. That’s how she did it -slid her quantum self into the in-between.

Wow! In fact, every day quantum physics is at work in your world, in all the worlds in fact.

This allows change to take place.

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