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Love is in the Air!

I went out onto the porch this morning to throw frisbee with the ever-ready border collie whose name is Lucy. The songs of the birds were absolutely amazing. Busily singing, some of the songs delightful variations on their usual song list, the winged ones flew about gathering materials for nests being prepared for the newborns they are bringing into the world. I mean, they were really busy today! The lovers work on the nest together. It's a beautiful spectacle to watch.

How’s your morning going? Are you singing songs of joy? Are you building a nest for this new day and for what is waiting to be born through you? Yesterday is history. Move fully into today. Let go the past. Oh, my goodness, if you haven’t gotten into this activity yet, please get going! We have much to bring forth as we create the world we are moving into. With Love.

Much Love and Blessed Nesting,


© Barbara J Woolley, Spiritual Mediator, Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Please share with others, but in its entirety and with appropriate credit. Thank you.

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