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It's Animal Freedom Day!

This morning I woke up in awe of the creation named the camel. Camels are perfectly designed for the desert life they lead. This is the perfection of God expressed in physical form. Once upon a time, they roamed free. Now they live a life of servitude to humans. They have good reason to spit, don’t you think? I also understand they can be a tad cranky. Again, for good reason. No one likes to be controlled, tied up and commanded to go here, go there, or kneel down so that a human rider can climb onto the saddle that looks so uncomfortable for the camel.

There are mornings like this morning when I want all animals to be free. Do camels play? Do they chase each other like squirrels do? Do they roll on the ground like bison? Where would they go if they had the freedom to wander? Where did they originally live? How did it happen that they became beasts of burden like the asses and the elephants?

In this spirit, I pronounce today to be Animal Freedom Day!

I wondered what my Wonderful Team (my Divine Self and guides of all sorts) had in mind this morning. We are animals, too, they say. They ask: how have you become tethered? How have you become beasts of burden? What are the heavy, cumbersome loads that you carry on your backs, in your minds, and in your hearts? Their next question: what can you do about this? Within you, you have the capacity to set yourself free. Nope, don’t turn down that murky dark alley in your mind that says, impossible, I can’t change anything about my life, Well, we would submit that would be the truth if that is your truth. But, that’s a mighty limiting belief system.

Today, we invite you to visualize a world where all creatures, human and non-human, live in the spirit of agreeable collaboration and mutual shared respect for one another's unique talents and gifts. Communication between the species occurs naturally. Oh, horse says, you want a ride over to the 9-mile canyon? I will take you there. Stand on that stump and hop aboard. The human rides with gratitude. It is as though they are one as they cross the landscape. Or, screech owl calls to the little girl who has lost her way while out picking berries. She knows to follow the owl come to guide her onto the path that will take her home. Can you feel this kind of world? You are awed by individuals who are called animal whisperers. They and the animals communicate with substance about things that matter-issues of the heart, physical needs, losses and grief. The whisperers show that this level of interaction is possible.

Today, would you be willing to set aside some of the weight of your burdens? Maybe decide to cancel a meeting or lunch date that isn’t necessary and go outside to walk in nature instead? Or, take time to play and giggle with your children rather than rush off to do laundry? In such ways you can install joyful opportunities that boost and set your spirit free. Maybe you will take your dog to a dog park or a place in the woods where she can run free. Releasing yourself from ruts and routines through your willingness to break stride is the challenge for today. Like the little engine that could, you can do it! you can do it! you can do it!

Please send love to the camels and to all our creature being friends! Tell them how very much loved and appreciated they are.

With Great Love, which is more than a little love! 😊

Barb Woolley

© Barbara J. Woolley, Thursday, January 27, 2022


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