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Don’t let the packaging fool you. No matter what it looks like, there is a gift inside. Many of us can relate to having been blindsided over the past year with peculiar illnesses and accidents. The result: we are made to slow down or to stop or to change or to move through something somehow or another. Think about this past year, the unexpected situations that have arisen. How did these events help you? Were you given warning ahead of time and did not heed it? Your Wonderful Team (WT) of divine self, guides, angels, ascended masters and many other presences look out for us even though we often enough miss their intercessions and messages because we are moving at warp speed in the busy lives we lead.

Recently I sprained my ankle while moving from the curb to the car. I knew I should not have worn the sandals, having seen just beforehand how easy it would be to torque my already compromised ankle. Thank goodness I was already scheduled to see my chiropractor the next morning. She zapped all over the ankle, providing pain reduction and reduced swelling. I have no bruising whatsoever. Best of all, we got to clear residue from a Near Death Experience that happened when I was seven. That was a surprise. The next day, already scheduled to see my massage practitioner, and beknownst to her, we got down to ancient past life unfinished business that explained why I was stuck in the Egyptian exhibit in The Louvre back in 2018. I don’t think I will be scratching my head any longer about why I could not exit that exhibit that day in spite of receiving help from several museum staff. At the time, I was afraid I was not going to get out of Egypt. Really. There was work to be done on that lifetime that completed during the massage session. Another surprising, unexpected gift. The sprained ankle proved to be most valuable even though I had been warned about the sandals. I am grateful!

What are your Strange Gifts? What have you learned? What are you grateful for?

© Barbara J. Woolley, Spiritual Messenger, September 19, 2023.

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