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We call you Twinkletoes because you are continually dancing in the flow. Your lifestyle and calling require this ability. You are in continual adaptation. This is admirable and disconcerting in that maintaining the threads of your life, dancing and weaving them into form, is no small feat. We understand when you wonder how it will all come together. We encourage you to think about this way of life as being the way of creation. Creation is not fixed. It is continually shifting and reformulating, spinning out new threads in the great weaving of life. Some threads peter off into non-existence, mere glimmers of a thought that did not take hold and form. Others endure for a short term while others seem to last forever. Though, we remind all of you, nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Stagnation inevitably sets in after a while and is pushed or wrested aside by the next endeavor set in motion by the Cosmic Mind.

This is what we choose to focus upon this morning, the idea that nothing remains fixed in form. You are called to surrender your clinging to a perceived, well-formulated state of existence that is illusory, at best. Structures that have served their purpose must give way to allow for the next age to manifest. Instead of resisting, we encourage you to embrace the change that is underway. And to visualize, again and again, the world you would choose to live in as well as create for your children and ensuing generations. It does not matter what others around you consider to be reality. Some cannot envision a world without war, have-have not, dominance-submission. We can. Maybe you can. One thing is certain: if you accept the inevitability of change, that clean sweeps are, in fact, possible and probable, then you can utilize your capacity to envision the changes that you know will make the world a kinder, gentler, more compassionate place. Cosmic Mind is a collaboration between the spiritual and material realms. Your individual intentions may just be the grains of sand that make a beach a beach. Change is accomplished through collective effort. As you focus your intentions, a shift unfolds in your spiritual body field that touches the spiritual body fields of those with whom you come in contact. Change is contagious when the heart, mind and spirit are willing!

We call to each of you to become full participants in the processes that are upending the old and sparking the evolution of your realm of existence into a new form. We call to you to join the momentum. We call to you to dream the big dream into reality. Each one of you has an integral role to play based on the unique gifts you bring to the equation. Your joyful life force is needed!

Yes, horrible events are occurring on your planet now. Send love, compassion, lend a hand wherever possible. At the same time, become one of the movers and shakers to assist with the transformation that is well underway.

We love you so very much!

The Ascended Masters of Light

© Barbara J. Woolley, Messenger, April 18, 2022

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